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Meeting the people behind the nbn™ network: Moj

One of the biggest ever changes to Australia’s telecommunications infrastructure requires hard working people in the business. Here are their stories…

More than 30,000 people in total are working on the nbn™ access network, and our Meet the People series has provided an opportunity for broadband users to learn a bit more about these telecommunications pioneers.

Previously, we’ve spoken to field technician Jacob, and field engineers Sean and Melanie. Today, we’re going to meet someone who works in a different area of NBN Co.

Meet Moj, Product Development Manager at NBN Co

Mojdeh Salehi is on the frontline in rolling out new innovations like Fibre-To-The-Curb (FTTC) across the nation. She works in NBN Co’s Products division as a Product Development Manager.

“Product management is like a bird’s-eye view,” Moj explains. “We sit across the end-to-end implementation because we are accountable for launching the product and delivering an outcome to our customers that is worth investing in.”

As you can imagine, when you’re working in an operation the scale of NBN Co, implementing a development like FTTC is complex.

Moj plays a vital role in ensuring all the teams across the company are aligned on any new technology developments, and the necessary requirements on carrying them forward so the goal of an operational rollout is achieved.

And Moj is the first to admit that she jumped into the deep end when she came on board at NBN Co.

“I started at NBN Co in 2015 on the Graduate Program, straight out of university,” she reveals. “So I initially had little to no idea of the complexity behind rolling out a broadband infrastructure network. Now I’m Product Development Manager! I’m based in the North Sydney office where the entire customer and commercial team are and I really enjoy working at NBN Co. No two days have ever been the same.”

There’s simply no denying Moj’s enthusiasm for her role, as you can see in the video, and there’s certainly a lot she needs to organise. Especially on projects close to her heart.

“When we started FTTC it was merely an opportunity. We first worked closely with our strategy and technical teams to understand the technology, the benefits, and the value it would bring to nbn’s rollout. Then we engaged our customers – the retail service providers (RSPs) – and worked with them to develop the requirements from an end-user perspective. This way, we made sure that we always had the end-user experience in mind. From there, we bring together teams from across the business – like IT, engineering and operations – to build the product in terms of the processes, the systems and the experience.”

You might wonder how anyone keeps on top of it all, but Moj was born for the role.

“When you work on a project this big, it’s a huge development across many areas within the business,” she confirms.

Working with so many moving parts has its challenges, of course, but Moj believes they’re far outweighed by the sense of achievement. “Not a day goes by where I’m not on the phone or meeting with key stakeholders that are helping build the FTTC product. Developing a new product means engagement across both external and internal stakeholders to ensure we deliver on what we promise. Ongoing communication is so important in making sure it’s all on track and flowing smoothly.”

Whether it is FTTC or other exciting new technologies like DOCSIS 3.1, she will continue to give her all.

“I realise how much of an impact we have on Australia, and the incredible and significant changes that are being enabled through providing access to broadband across the nation. It’s really about creating opportunity.”

The Latest on Fibre-to-the-Curb for NBN Co

NBN Co has just successfully trialled Fibre-to-the-Curb ahead of its launch in 2018.

This technology, joining the likes of Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) and Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN), is providing a more cost-effective installation process, while retaining fast wholesale broadband speeds and a pathway for future upgrade.

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