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Are you ready for the festive season?

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Get ready for some well-deserved festive fun with a little help from connectivity and these handy tips…

After what’s been a challenging couple of years, it’s fair to say that whether you’re celebrating Christmas or just enjoying the summer holidays, we’re all more than ready for some fun.

As we enter the home stretch to the summer holidays, a little preparation can go a long way in helping ensure your yuletide plans remain as stress free as possible.

From how to stay safe and shop smart online to enjoying video calls with loved ones, we’ve pulled together some handy tips and suggestions to help you get the most out of the festive season online.

Connecting with loved ones

While months of COVID-19 lockdowns likely means many are weary of videoconferencing, we’ve also become much better at it.

With the easing of restrictions, catching up in person with family and friends is very high on the agenda for most Australians.

Yet, for those that can’t, the upside of spending so much time connecting with colleagues at work over platforms including Microsoft Teams and Zoom means we’re now much more comfortable doing so with friends and loved ones too.

Whether it’s bonding with mates across town or spending quality time online with loved ones interstate or overseas, there are a few things you can do beforehand to ensure the focus of your catchup is all about the people, not the technology.

Tips for happy video calling

  • Make sure you choose the right videoconferencing platform for you. There are often differences in functionality between free and subscription versions, such as time limits for calls.
  • Your router is your friend – keep your friends close but your router closer!

If video calling on a mobile device:

  • Ensure your device is charged – video calls chew through batteries quickly
  • Close other apps so they won’t slow it down

Most important of all, choose the right internet speed plan through your phone and internet provider to support your video-calling needs.

Sending e-Christmas cards

Christmas cards are a wonderful tradition but with Australia Post working overtime to handle the surge in festive season deliveries, official advice is to make that trip to the post box as soon as possible – particularly if sending overseas.

If you haven’t already sent off a physical card, now is a good time to consider surprising someone with a virtual alternative in the form of an e-card.

Not only will you bring a little personalised festive cheer to the recipient’s inbox, sending a card virtually is environmentally friendly.

You’ll also be guaranteed the card will arrive before Santa saddles up in his sleigh!

There are a multitude of e-cards to choose from, from free versions you can design yourself and cheap and cheerful templates, to beautiful hand-illustrated designs and charity based cards that raise money for a good cause, such as tackling global poverty via Oxfam or protecting Australia’s flora and fauna through WWF-Australia. (Both causes are proudly among 1,000 reputable Australian charities supported by our internal nbn™ Giving program.)

Giving online gifts

Locked-down Australians embraced online shopping with gusto and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

The Australian Retailers Association says the nation’s shoppers are tipped to spend more than $11 billion on Christmas presents this year with almost half of all purchases snapped up online.

The most popular gifts are expected to be toys, jigsaw puzzles and boardgames with clothing, shoes and sleepwear also high up the list.

Australia Post plans to introduce after-dark delivery services and extended trading hours to cope with what it expects to be its busiest Christmas on record, so it pays to get in early to ensure your purchase arrives on time.

Find out more about Australia Post’s Christmas-sending dates.

Tips for sidestepping scammers

The boom in online shopping has also brought an increase in the number of scams targeting unwary Australians.

Scammers are increasingly tricking people into parting with their hard-earned cash or personal information, even posing as representatives from trusted organisations, including nbn.

  • Remember nbn will never call and ask to access your computer or call to advise that you’re going to be disconnected and, as a wholesaler, we do not sell phone or internet services directly to the public.
  • Make sure you and your loved ones are ScamFit by following a few simple rules to protect you from the dangers of scams.

Choosing gift cards and vouchers

Where once a gift card or voucher may have been considered an impersonal or last-minute pressie, they’re much more embraced in modern times.

A plethora of gift card and voucher choices can be found online, from video streaming services and app downloads to online cooking courses, cinema experiences and fashion retailers.

Cooking up a storm

While it’s wonderful to have large gatherings back on the agenda, it also means the potential stress of cooking for a room full of people once again looms large.

The good news is that help is only a click away, with a mountain of recipes, YouTube videos and free cooking classes available to help take the stress out of creating that festive feast.

A trend born during lockdown that saw celebrity chefs offering classes via social media could also be here to stay, allowing participants to learn techniques or regional cooking styles from a professional chef all from their own kitchen.

Optimising your home Wi-Fi

With all this online activity, make sure you’re set up in a way that helps you to enjoy as seamless a connectivity experience as possible.

From optimising your Wi-Fi coverage, to managing the growing number of digital devices competing for bandwidth, and ensuring you’re on the right speed plan to meet your household’s needs, check out nbn’s tips to help optimise your home internet setup for a very merry festive season. 

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