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Inspiring Australians to make the most of better broadband

As well as the momentous task of ensuring every Australian has access to fast broadband, nbn™ has a crucial role to play in ensuring Australians understand the benefits the nbn™ network will bring people, communities and the nation as a whole.

Bridging the divide is not just about building a network. It's about providing the School of the Air student outside Alice Springs with the same access to education as the mature age student in Subiaco or Surry Hills. It's about giving the dental student in Townsville the chance to learn from the world's best dental technicians be they in New York, Mumbai or Adelaide. It's about the small business being able to sell beyond their neighbourhood without the need to invest in a bricks and mortar store. It's about families, friends, work colleagues and students not being limited by distance or social status. It's about a world of opportunity.

The nbn™ network is Australia's largest ever infrastructure project and will take some time to build, but the sooner we build and activate the nation, the sooner we can take full advantage of these and many other benefits. This is why people living in nbn-ready areas will start to hear more from us including via our new advertising campaign, which launched in nbn™ rollout areas in regional Australia this week.

The first series of ads in our campaign centres on education. Living outside our major cities shouldn’t be a limitation on people realising their potential. Better broadband can extend the reach of world-class education and learning.

It’s the first campaign we’ve run since repositioning our corporate identity, which moves nbn™ on from being presented purely as a utility function. As a visionary company that is delivering positive benefits for all Australians, our communications complements the marketing of the retail telecommunications companies whose job it is to sell nbn™ packages to families and businesses.

Australians are among the most optimistic people in the world. The new-look nbn™ aligns to that spirit of optimism and will help deliver a better future for everyone.

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