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Get to Know Your nbn™ podcast: Episode 1 – Focus on Customer Experience

In the first episode of Get to Know Your nbn™ podcast, host Peter Gurney (General Manager, nbn™ local) speaks with Brad Whitcomb, NBN Co's Chief Customer Officer – Residential, about all things customer experience.

More than 6.3 million Australian homes and businesses can now connect to services over the nbn™ broadband access network, with nearly 100,000 premises connected every month. While this figure represents substantial progress for the rollout of the network, there's work to be done with service providers when it comes to end-user customer experience. And that’s our topic of discussion in this episode.

NBN Co's Chief Customer Officer - Residential, Brad Whitcomb (left); and General Manager nbn™ local, Peter Gurney (right).

Host Peter Gurney

Brad Whitcomb (left) and Peter Gurney (right)

Brad Whitcomb

Brad Whitcomb (left) and Peter Gurney (right)

*NBN Co’s monthly progress report is designed to give Australians a clearer understanding of the ways the company is taking action and working with service providers to help improve customer experience. The metrics used relate to services NBN Co delivers to phone or internet providers and the physical connection of homes and businesses to nbn™ infrastructure. The metrics do not cover services supplied by providers to end users. Metrics are based on averages, summaries and simplifications – end-user experiences vary. For important information on the metrics and their descriptions please visit

*For the latest update on our ‘Focus on 50’ wholesale promotion, please visit here.

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