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How to create amazing content at home

Whether it's writing, painting or photography, these nifty content creation tools can help you get started.

The online world is filled with content - it’s what most of us engage with every day. Some even say that it is the lifeblood of the internet. 

Even something as simple as updating your Facebook status means that you’re creating content.

But could it be more than this for you? 

Content creation isn’t necessarily easy – it’s a labour of love that requires creativity, time and knowing what tools to use.

But with to fast broadband and improved connectivity, creating content from home can be an enjoyable and relatively straightforward task.

We have found some great writing, painting and photography tools that can help budding content creators get started on their journey.

For the writers

If you’re a budding writer looking to hone your skills, there are plenty of tools that can help.

Evernote and Psyko Paint are among tools content creators can use.


Ideal to keep a running list of ideas, take notes, edit articles and bookmark inspiring articles. Evernote also syncs across devices - which is handy if you’re moving between home and office. 


This useful tool lets users save interesting tid bits, articles, images or any other online references. Again, anything saved to Pocket can be viewed on any device, meaning you can access your saved delights on the go.


The blogging godfather, Wordpress is the most popular online publishing platform globally. With hundreds of free template to choose from, Wordpress lets you create your own beautiful blog and publish as and when you like. 


The new(ish) kid on the block has recently launched in Australia and is growing in popularity, promoting itself as a visually-led blog platform. It lets users post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from any device.

For the artists

Looking to bring out your creative side through imagery? Try one (or more) of these tools 


Canva is a nifty web-based app for novices looking to get more creative with the content  they produce. It also offers content creators a lot for free, which means you can avoid incurring costs that come with some design software. 

Psyko Paint

Psyko Paint call themselves "the craziest painting software ever made" and the experience reflects this from the get go. There’s no sign-in necessary so you can start creating immediately.


Queeky takes us back to basics of the drawing process itself. Think the old ‘paint’ tool but with more options to build layers, filters and other complex additions. While most of us can hide behind the great assets of the tools, this app is for the more experienced and talented artist!

For the photographers

Taking a photo seems simple enough, but in order to make your content really stand out, check out some of the fantastic apps and programs designed to enhance your picture – whether it's a resize or adding an special effect that brings the photo to life.


An easy-to-use professional photo editing software, Snapseed allows you to retouch images, adjust perspective and add filters, with a simple tap. 

VSCO Cam (Visual Supply Co)

A global favourite, this app is elegant, sleek and minimal, offering only a small selection of editing options.


Camera calls itself "the ultimate photo app", offering a plethora of retouching options as well as borders and caption options.

With a plethora of tools on offer and reliable internet connections becoming more accessible, there has never been a better time to become a content creator!

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