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Raising cyber kids in GenNBN

Stephen Heppell gives advice for parents raising cyber kids

Previously, the most high tech thing in the household was a microwave oven or a VCR, but now kids have a world of technology at their fingertips.

A recent report by demographer Demographer Bernard Salt looks at the first generation of Australians maturing to adulthood in a connected and digitised world – GenNBN.

GenNBN are likely to communicate differently in 2030 because of ubiquitous access to broadband and the scope to use technology and applications.

The role of parents and teachers in guiding technology use is more important now than ever. We can’t assume that just because children are growing up with technologies that they use them or use them well, creatively and safely.

Global online education expert, Stephen Heppell believes that better learning is built with children not for them and when it comes to cyber kids in particular, parents have an active role to play.

Stephen feels getting children involved early is an important step to developing cyber kids as well as providing children with the necessary tools to facilitate learning.

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