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Want to cut your energy bills and help save the planet? There’s an app for that.

Improving home energy efficiency has never been easier with revolutionary new technology that can make your home smarter and safer.

The rollout of Australia’s new broadband network is helping households across the country become more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than ever before.

The Internet of Things has given rise to smarter, more connected homes that can be programed and evaluated to become more sustainable. New apps and technologies are now enabling us to control and monitor how much energy home appliances are using, and can even provide personalised recommendations on how to optimise the energy we are using in our homes.

Here are three apps you need to know:

1. Energy Rating App

Energy Rating App was released last year to make it easy for consumers to make smart choices when choosing appliances for their homes.

 It claims to be the first of its kind to display power use in dollars instead of kilowatt-hours, making it easier to know exactly how much an appliance is costing you.

2. WattCost

An Australian start-up that tracks the energy use of every appliance in your home or business in real time, WattCost aims to deliver an accurate account of where energy is being used and provides personalised hints on ways to optimise energy use and save money.

3. Green Outlet

Green Outlet is a simple app that helps you to identify which household appliances are costing you the most money so that you can change your habits and cut down on energy costs.

It’s as easy as inputting how many hours you use each appliance and then your house or apartment's square footage - the app will do the rest of the work for you.

Setting it apart from other apps of its kind, Green Outlet will even send you an alert when you exceed the recommended carbon usage based on government guidelines.

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