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The best tech to surround sound your home

Seamlessly connected audio systems are changing the way we listen to music in the home.

Access to digital music has opened the doors to a wider choice of tunes than we’ve ever experienced before.

Apps and programs like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music mean that we can choose music from practically any genre, decade or artist.

With access to music anywhere, anytime, is your house set up to reap the benefits?

Why surround sound your home?

Phones or mp3 players and headphones are usually the go-to when people want to listen to their favourite music.

There are, however, other great options that can allow you to play different, or the same, music across multiple speakers in different rooms of your home.

These choices often still utilise your tablet or smart phone to control your music from anywhere in the house.

What is a 'home surround sound system'

The main goal of a 'home surround sound system' is to allow you to listen to your music of choice, regardless of where you are in the house.

These home audio systems are wireless gadgets that usually connect to your existing Wi-Fi network. In the past, if you wanted your music to move to the next room with you, you had to run cables or carry the device and music with you.

Home surround systems work by connecting a main device to your home internet network. This device is the brain, for lack of a better term, of the sound system.

This device is in charge of playing music it sources from your network or by using online apps like Spotify, Pandora or Google play.

You can then attach additional speakers to any room around your house, using your home Wi-Fi network.

The advantage of these systems is that they often allow you to play music on each speaker that is connected to the network or on all of them at once. You can even play different music on each speaker, which is ideal for a family with differing preferences and tastes.

Another advantage is the ability to combine all your music into one system, while still allowing you to keep and organise your family’s different playlists and libraries.

Sonos is the name that comes to mind for most people when talking about home audio systems. Sonos launched its first player in 2004 and has been the system of choice for most people due to its simplicity, flexibility and ability to connect to numerous music streaming services.

While Sonos is often considered the first, the technology has certainly expanded and there are numerous other options for a home surround sound system. 

Bluesound is an up and coming system that specialises in high quality music. It offers the same ability to have speakers in different rooms with a focus on better quality music.

Bose has a reputation for making speakers, has also dipped its toe into the home system market. The Bose SoundTouch has less functional apps than Sonos, but is designed as a simple, easy to use experience.

Other options for music in your home

If you are looking for a simpler option than setting up the whole house with speakers, you can look at technology that sends music to a single speaker.

Bluetooth speakers are a great for this. These connect to your mobile devices or tablet and allow you to play your music via a Bluetooth connection. There is a wide variety available in the market - from small desktop speakers to large floor speaker.

Airplay is a software created by Apple that allows you to connect Airplay compatible devices to each other using your home network. This can also be a great option for music-sharing around your house.

These technologies have changed the way we listen to music in and around the home.

With streaming and digital music growing, the need for a fast and affordable internet connection is a must for the audiophile. Check your address to see if you can connect to the nbn™ network.

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