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Are you concerned with your home’s security? Fast internet is the key.

The rollout of Australia’s national broadband network is transforming the security industry with better quality cameras and integrated smart home systems.

Every dog has its day, and the days of a highly vocal guard-dog may be numbered.

“Beware of the dog” signs are all very well, but if your dog decides to have a nap at the wrong time, your home security system is seriously compromised.

The fact is that canines can’t measure up to what’s available these days in high-tech smart home security systems connected to our network.

Smarter Homes Means Smarter Security

With a smart home system and high-definition CCTV cameras hooked up to your home network, you can operate the equipment from anywhere in the world, says Mark Jeisman, director of Surrounds, a Perth-based international business which specialises in smart homes, including high-end entertainment and security.

“Integrated with other systems, such as intelligent lighting and audio, if the alarm goes off you can get it to turn the lights on, or the audio on, to give your home a lived in feel,” he says.

Mitch King, director of Mediatek in WA, said: “The nbn absolutely makes a big difference with high-definition security systems and the quality of the images we can output."

He said smart home applications such as Control4 allow householders to control intelligent systems in their homes or operations from anywhere in the world.

Amedeo Dinarta, who runs ADA Prime Security in Townsville, Queensland, where we are currently rolling out our network, said: “The nbn is very good for our industry. Clients can log in much faster than before and check their security on their computers or mobile devices. Obviously the faster the internet speed the better for our residential and commercial clients.”*

So we’re helping you at home, but what about work?

The better the broadband connection the better the quality and stability of the CCTV systems.

Fast internet makes viewing footage from the cameras in real time easy, as well as searching for a particular point in time if video evidence is required in a dispute.

He said the top-end cameras were motorised, could zoom in on details, and had facial recognition features and the ability to do analytics.

With analytic software, supermarkets and retail stores can use camera snapshots of when customers enter stores, to determine retail trends.

“At the more advanced level they are getting very clever in terms of what they can do,” said Mr Jeisman, “and fast internet plays a big part in that.”

* Your experience including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn™ network depends on the technology over which services are delivered to your premises and some factors outside our control like your equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how your service provider designs its network.

Check your address to see when you could be joining the nbn™ network 

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