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Ten devices to make your home smarter

Clever and unique everyday devices that will enhance your home living.

From toothbrushes that track your dental hygiene to chopsticks that spot food risks, a range of smart devices are changing the way we rest and play.

1. The connected kitchen

Countertop is a product that makes your everyday kitchen appliances smart by syncing with them and learning what you like, such as recipes for food and drinks, or number of calories consumed.

2. Smart chopsticks

They’re called Baidu Kuaisou and can detect contaminated oils in the food you eat.

You use them like regular chopsticks and they’re smart enough to spot a risk when you dip them into food.

3. Smarter posture

Smart chopsticks that watch your health. Photo courtesy: Baidu

Stop that slouch! Photo courtesy: Innovatedcaptures |

If you tend to slouch sitting at your home office desk, try this smart device.

The Lumo Lift can do for you what that teacher used to do when he prodded you in the back with a ruler to sit up straight. 

It's a small wearable magnetic device and tracks your posture, daily activity and buzzes you when you have been slouching.

4. Find your missing keys

If you have tendency to misplace those crucial items, this smart little device called Tile could help. 

Just stick one on the things you usually misplace, such as your keys or TV remote, then use your smartphone to locate them.

5. Smart pyjamas

If you run out of bedtime story ideas for the kids, let their PJs pick one for you on your smartphone or tablet. 

Simply scan one of the patterns on the pyjamas and it will find a corresponding story for you to read with your kids.

Never lose anything again. Photo courtesy:

6. The connected garden

Plant a seed, water it and watch it grow... from far away. This project by Adept Technology and the University of Southern California combines old technology (agriculture) with new (the internet) to let people from anywhere in the world build a garden by operating a robotic arm online.

A telegarden nurtured by a robotic arm. Photo courtesy: University of South Carolina

7. Smart slippers and smart nappies

Whether you’re young or old, sensors can help make your day better.

A company called 24eight has developed nappies with a sensor that can let parents know when their baby needs changing, and slippers than can predict and prevent falls.

8. Smart toothbrush

Smile! Your dentist now knows everything about your brushing habits. Photo courtesy: Oral-B    

The connected toothbrush knows if you are brushing for long enough, how many times you’ve brushed and how hard… and can report it all back to your dentist.

9. Medication reminder

If you or a relative have a habit of forgetting to take your medication, GlowCap can help.

Launched by a US start-up, GlowCap is a smart pill bottle cap containing a chip, that uses the internet, light and sound, to remind you about your dose timings.

10. Key-less lock

Want to let your mate into your home when you’re at work?

Don’t like leaving a spare key under the mat?

There’s a smart and keyless way for you, your friends or the washing machine repair man to get into your home - simply invite them through an app on your phone.

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