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How businesses are reacting to digital acceleration

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New research suggests IT adoption is accelerating, and it’s time for business leaders to reconsider how to best enable their business from the network up.

Small and medium business (SMB) leaders today face digital acceleration in most areas, from operations to security, through to employee support and customer experience.

These leaders are expected to develop and maintain an information technology (IT) vision that will best support their business now and in the future, driven by the potential impact technology can have on the bottom line.

Yet, new research commissioned by business nbn™ and conducted by Telsyte suggests the current state of play for most SMBs is far from this ‘ideal’ reality.

Lack of time, support from management and employee engagement are just some of the barriers holding many leaders and their businesses back from getting the most from their digital initiatives.

This means SMB leaders have an opportunity to create a solid digital foundation that supports current and future business growth – but first they need to realise its potential.

From the research, these key insights show the impact of digital acceleration on SMBs today and why a strong network foundation is a priority worth balancing.

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