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Rebecca Moonen

Rebecca Moonen

Rebecca Moonen is Security and Privacy Influence and Cyber Safety Outreach Manager at NBN Co.

She is responsible for managing NBN Co's internal and external privacy and security awareness and education outreach program. Building a robust Security culture at NBN Co is a natural progression from Beck’s previous role in the internet industry, where her personal passion for cyber security resulted in iiNet’s Online Safety Initiative to empower kids against cyber-bullying. The safety campaign included visits to schools, industry, and community groups, where she presented seminars on issues such as safe social networking, digital reputation, and protecting personal information online.

As part of this education initiative, Beck was selected as the national ambassador for the ‘Stay Smart Online week’, run by the Australian Government – complete with numerous radio interviews and events (regrettably without a star adorned trailer!) Alongside Online Safety, Beck has been actively involved in public policy discussion in areas of refused classification content, gaming ratings, online gambling addiction, and the unforgettable moment of beating Hollywood in the AFACT copyright trial. Hailing from sunny WA, Beck is an avid scuba diver who travels the world at depth, remaining convinced that nothing beats the underwater environment in her own backyard. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University and 19 years of industry experience within the Telecommunications Industry. 

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