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For example, the LIC may be connected from the right side of the property to the property boundary.

Our proposed new range of nbn Smart Connect connectivity options are made for more

nbn Smart Connect is planned to feature a new range of connectivity options for new developments, enabling the adoption of intelligent technologies for eligible non-premises. This will allow for a more efficient use of nbn® infrastructure in your development.

What is nbn® Smart Places?

nbn Smart Places proposes to enable the extension of the nbn® network to eligible non-premises locations such as traffic lights, digital billboards and public Wi-Fi.

We extend the nbn® fibre network to eligible non-premises locations to offer a single network termination device (NTD) that plugs into your non-premises equipment from where it is powered. The other end of the network termination device (NTD) is where the nbn fibre network connects.

Please note: nbn is accepting applications for builds to non-premises locations in our existing nbn Ready For Service (RFS) footprint and new developments. Service connectivity availability will depend on Internet providers offering nbn Smart Places, and timing of product availability will be at provider discretion.

Do I need to upload a design or plan?

nbn Smart Places (non-premises) locations must be included in design and plans.

You can upload your design or plan with your nbn® New Developments application, and manage your application through the nbn® New Developments Portal.

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Work with an nbn® trained New Developments supplier

We encourage developers (big and small) to seek the assistance and support of an industry professional or an nbn trained New Developments supplier - designer or installer. As it’s your responsibility to ensure the design and build of the nbn® infrastructure within your property boundary meets our standards, the assistance of an expert can be extremely helpful.