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For pit and pipe works and pathway works

Use the nbn® New Developments Portal

Upload your designs, Notice of Practical Completion (PCN) and other documents in the nbn New Developments Portal.

We'll provide feedback on your documents in the Portal to help make sure you're on track.

Following our guidelines

Keep in mind, all works within your property boundary need to be installed following our guidelines or you may have to remediate it later if it is not built to our standards

Please ensure you follow the relevant pit and pipe or pathway build process


The checklists below list the requirements that must be met before your designs and Notice of Practical Completion can be submitted to nbn.

Design support tool

Developers and/or their internal and external pathway contractors need to adhere to CAD Standards and Symbols Specifications when drafting designs. It is strongly advised that you use our Assisted Drafting Tool (ADT) for all pre-construct and as-built pathway designs (new and amended).

icon design support tools

Work with an nbn® trained New Developments supplier

We encourage developers (big and small) to seek the assistance and support of an industry professional or an nbn trained New Developments supplier - designer or installer. As it’s your responsibility to ensure the design and build of the nbn® infrastructure within your property boundary meets our standards, the assistance of an expert can be extremely helpful.