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New wave of Launceston ‘Lifestylepreneurs’

22 June 2017

Local entrepreneurialism boom spurred by connectivity

Launceston has been named one of the nation’s top entrepreneurial hotspots according to leading KPMG Demographer Bernard Salt. 

Commissioned by nbn, the Launceston Lifestylepreneur Report reveals that micro businesses (1-4 employees) in the area have been growing at an annual rate of three per cent for the last two years.

The research reveals local small businesses are embracing greater connectivity through access to fast broadband to expand in new markets. It highlights key pockets such as the Northern Midlands (up 26 per cent), Westbury (up 24 per cent) and Perth-Evandale (up 23 per cent) to be leading the charge.

While farming, construction and hospitality remain the backbone of Launceston’s economy, the report says businesses within healthcare, tourism, and professional services industries are now on the rise.

KMPG Demographer, Bernard Salt said:

“The Launceston experience of independence has been shaped by history and geography like no other city in Australia, which has created a community of proud and independently minded people and business owners.

“The region’s entrepreneurial spirit is underpinned by quality of life, affordability, and the strong business community in place.

“Launceston offers all the critical attributes required to create and grow a local business, including its proximity to Melbourne and now increased connectivity through the nbn™ network which is breaking down the barriers of distance and allowing business owners to connect outside of the region.”

nbn’s Corporate Affairs Manager for Tasmania, Russell Kelly, said:

“Job growth, innovation and opportunity are no longer restricted to businesses within the major cities as the nbn™ network provides small businesses similar access to their big city counterparts.

“As the rollout of the nbn™ network ramps up within Launceston and surrounding regions, we are seeing local businesses maximise their productivity and reach new markets by embracing new technology powered by access to fast broadband.”

S Group Operations Manager, Phil Beeston, said:

“Since opening up shop in Launceston in 2011, we have grown our architecture and creative design agency from a small start-up to a multi-site operation with staff members now located across the country.

“Cloud-based applications are crucial for running our business as we are required to connect and collaborate with customers and suppliers across the country.

“Access to the nbn™ network means we have been able to remain competitive in a regional area and still operate like a global business while enjoying the luxury of a great lifestyle in Launceston.”

Launceston is the first city in Tasmania to be fully connected to the nbn™ network with more than 40,000 homes and businesses able to make the switch.

Visit the nbn™ website to learn more about what you need to know before connecting your business to the nbn™ network as well as how to get the best experience out of your internet connection.  

Questions to ask before connecting your business to the nbn network:

  • What business products are offered?
  • Which service providers are available to me?
  • How much data do I need?
  • Will my existing services be affected?
  • Will my devices be compatible?

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