Learn about the nbn™ network

The nbn™ network is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network. It’s designed to provide you with access to all the benefits of fast internet services, wherever you live.

How the nbn™ network gets to you

The nbn™ network is one of the most advanced technology projects in Australian history – but understanding how it gets to you is easy. Check out this step by step guide illustrating how it all works.

Choosing the right speed on the nbn™ network

nbn offers a range of wholesale speed options. Choosing the right speed through your service provider is vital to your online experience.

nbn™ Technology (MTM) what you need to know

nbn is committed to providing access to fast broadband services throughout Australia. Our current plan is to take advantage of existing network infrastructure, and upgrade it to work with the rest of the nbn™ network rollout.

Our progress so far*

Explore the benefits of the nbn™ network

Benefits at home
Benefits for your business
Bringing people together

Your next steps

Find out if the nbn™ network is available at your home or business, and register for updates.

*Map data is correct as at week ending 8 September 2016, sourced from nbn's Weekly Progress Report data and is typically updated monthly.