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Werribee, Victoria’s not so hidden little gem

As the nbn™ network starts to roll into parts of Werribee, we shine the spotlight on the town best known for its weekend adventures and activities.  

Towns and cities all across Australia are beginning to connect to the nbn™ network, so we’re celebrating the historic moments, landmarks or features that put each area on the map.

Werribee (or “Wezza Bee” as the locals call it) is no longer just the perfect pit stop between Melbourne and Geelong, it has become Victoria’s not so secret gem.

In fact, Werribee could be set to become West Victoria’s next fashion capital with the town’s major shopping precinct, Pacific Werribbe well underway and due to bring a new found style to the town centre.

However, through all the new glitz and glam, there is no overlooking Werribee’s unmistakably rich history and charm. And for locals there is never a lack of exciting weekend happenings.

Looking for an afternoon stroll or the perfect picnic spot? Flock to the State Rose Garden to be immersed among the sea of 6,000 incredible flowers. There’s a good reason it’s dubbed Australia’s most well-maintained garden!

Pictured: Victoria State Rose Garden, Werribee

For adventure seeking locals, Werribee Gorge State Park is only a short drive away. The park is a beautiful spot for all your swimming, climbing, bush-walking and exploring needs.

It’s also a lovely picnic spot description offering breathtaking views and incredible sunsets.

A family friendly place, Werribee Open Range Zoo is the place to take little explorers for a day of learning and excitement. Although, on a hot Summer’s day it’s hard for locals not to resist a day spent at the beach, with clean sand that runs for ages.

No matter how weekends are spent in Werribee, the town has tight-knit community of caring individuals passionate about their home. Now that the nbn™ network is arriving in parts of the town, connected adventures and new opportunities are just around the corner!

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Welcome to the nbn™ network, Werribee! To find out if the nbn™ network is available yet at your premises, check your address below.

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