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Tradies add Internet to their toolkit

The nbn™ network is allowing tradies to go online and get admin done faster.

Forget the old notepad and the rusty filing cabinet, more and more tradies are embracing the Cloud, online inventory and e-commerce as the rollout of the nbn™ network ramps up in Victoria.

Luke from Custom Edge Construction is reaping the benefits of fast broadband, processing more invoices than before, and therefore, putting more hours back in the day and more customers through the door.

Construction is a demanding industry and Luke says he needs all the help he can get.

Spending up to one day a week in the office, he relies on his fast Internet connection to be able to pay his suppliers on time.

Previously his connection would drop out and he'd have to waste time ringing suppliers to ensure payments had been received. 


Like many tradies, Luke says he never saw himself as the type of guy to be writing emails and setting up website domains, but with the speeds accessible over the nbn™ network, his small business is now cruising on the information superhighway.* 

The benefits of fast broadband have had a flow-on effect on Luke’s personal life too. Time is no barrier as he uses his connection to Skype with his fiancé currently living in England.

*Your experience may vary depending on factors including your broadband speed choice, provider and equipment. 

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