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Prospects are bright in historical Ballarat

As the nbn™ network starts to roll into Ballarat, we shine the spotlight on the town best known for its vibrant community and gold mining past.

Pictured: Ballarat Town Hall

Towns and cities all across Australia are beginning to connect to the nbn™ network, so we’re celebrating the historic moments, landmarks or features that put each area on the map.

The charismatic town of Ballarat is a place rich in heritage, dating back to the area’s prosperous gold mining days. And while once the prospect of untold wealth attracted people from around the world, today the area is more known as a vibrant, thriving hub and for its strong sense of community.

When the first Gold Rush began in 1851, Ballarat experienced fortune and growth due to the fact to the region was home to the richest known alluvial goldfield in the world.

Today, many beautiful, historical buildings that dot the city streets reflect the financial prosperity of that era.

As a tribute to the thousands of gold prospectors who travelled to Ballarat in the hope to hit the jackpot, a nine metre Big Miner statue stands tall, greeting residents and vistors on at the Western Highway at Warrenheip.

Within the centre of Ballarat lies the Ballarat Botanical Gardens that reside on the shores of Lake Wendouree. The city of Ballarat’s website proudly claims that this beautiful spot is one of the Australia’s most significant cool climate gardens.

Amongst a collection of mature trees, the gardens are home to magnificent marble statues and colourful bedding displays. Grab a blanket like the locals do and find a place to enjoy a delicious picnic during the day.

Outdoor lifestyle 

Pictured: Lake Wendouree, Ballarat

Enjoying the outdoors is what Ballarat residents do best, with Lake Wendouree also proving a perfect place to walk, cycle or run. The popular social destination spans 6km and is a great area for bird watching.

The Ballarat community is one that’s proud of their town and gets together to put on a number of events and festivals throughout the year, to celebrate the region and its heritage, produce, and talent.

Highlights include the three day Ballarat Show featuring live entertainment, fireworks and animal shows, The Ballarat Vintage Antique & Vintage Fair and SpringFest, a festival with market stalls and exhibition events.

Ballarat remains a town of allure and intrigue with places and areas that strongly invoke Australia’s Gold Rush period, but today’s residents can now also welcome promising online opportunities, to compliment their outdoor lifestyles, thanks to the arrival of the nbn™ network.

In our next series we travel to Campbelltown. Check out our On the Map homepage for more. 

Welcome to the nbn™ network, Ballarat! For Ballarate residents, and everyone else, check your address below to see if you can sign up to the nbn™ network.

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