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Ovum Report: nbn™ Fixed Wireless leading the world

This blog was accurate at the date of publication. Some of the information in this blog may no longer be accurate and it is provided for educational and historical purposes only. We recommend that you make your own inquiries before relying on this information.

It is with great pride that I can announce that a new report from global research firm Ovum has found that our nbn™ fixed-wireless service is not only among the best in the world, it is actually leading the world.

We have always known our fixed-wireless network is delivering a great service – our end-users tell us that – but to be benchmarked against our global peers and find that we are leading across speed, data allowances and price makes us very proud indeed.

Best in Class

The Ovum report – commissioned by our technology partner Ericsson – showed that the data allowances offered by our Retail Service Providers (RSPs) were three times larger than those offered by comparable networks overseas.

That means that our end-users don’t have to worry about how much data they are consuming. Retail plans of up to 500GB are available from our RSPs, which mean they can stream well over 150 hours of HD content a month.

What’s more the report also notes that the 5-20Mbps upload speed currently being trialled on our fixed-wireless network is also out in front and should enable end-users to make better use of cloud-based technology, something that is becoming essential for modern business.

Perhaps most importantly of all the report findings is about price. When it comes to how much end-users are paying for their fixed-wireless data, packages offered by our RSPs over the nbn™ fixed-wireless network offer great value, – with cost per GB/month substantially cheaper than our global peers.

Picking the harder fruit 

What makes us proud of our fixed-wireless service is who we are delivering it to – people in rural and regional Australia who have previously had broadband services inadequate for today’s needs.

Many end-users have gone from dial-up connections to getting access to faster internet speeds on our new trial service launched earlier this year.

Let’s be quite clear about this. In most parts of the world, regional areas get left behind when it comes to broadband. Our nbn™ fixed-wireless network is designed to make sure that does not happen here.

The Network Effect 

We have so far covered nearly 300,000 of the eventual 600,000 premises that will be served by the nbn™ fixed wireless network and have nearly 50,000 end-users.

While there is still more to do, we can already see the impact our nbn™ fixed-wireless network is having on the lives of families and businesses in regional Australia.

It is enabling people in regional Australia like Noel Penfold from Murray Darling Fisheries to find new opportunities to sell his premium cod fish in China and people like Di Somerville in Wagga to launch her own small business.

So, whether it is enabling farmers to keep pace with the latest farming technologies or helping people to launch new businesses in regional Australia we are working to deliver on the promise of the nbn™ network.

Check your address to see when you could be joining the nbn™ network.


Last updated on 20 March 2018

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