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The nbn™ network rolls into Gympie, the town that saved Queensland

As the nbn™ network starts to roll into Gympie, we shine the spotlight on “the town that saved Queensland” during the gold rush more than a century ago, and is more recently known for its rocking good times.


Towns and cities all across Australia are beginning to connect to the nbn™ network, so we’re celebrating the historic moments, landmarks or features that put each area on the map.

When travelling down the east coast of Australia along the Bruce Highway, it’s easy to drive straight through the little town of Gympie. However this is one pit stop worth making, with a rich town history and a strong sense of community.

What began with the discovery of a single piece of gold by a man named James Nash and his dog in 1867 turned into the booming gold rush of thecentury.

The area subsequently became known as ‘The Town That Saved Queensland’ and went from rags to riches almost overnight.

The ensuing influx of treasure-hunting hopefuls, as well as the riches found by the lucky ones, reportedly saved the state from bankruptcy. Rumours and tales of the town’s gold-crazed past still float around today.

At one point during the rush, the town boasted 72 pubs long its main street alone, so there’s bound to be a few stories!

The area’s gold mining past plays an important role in Australian history. School buses filled with eager children often flock to the the Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum to try their hand at gold panning.

Other fun educational activities in town include a ride onboard the Mary Valley Heritage Railway or “Valley Rattler”, as named by locals, for a trip back in time on the old steam train.

Although the area is generally a serene and peaceful place to live, once a year people flood in, music booms through the streets and the town goes wild in celebration of the Gympie Music Muster!

The festival attracts people from all corners of the country and its rugged charm brings crowds back year on year.

With such a strong community spirit, nbn, through the network we are building, is excited to become a part of this town’s fabric and the newest part of Gympie history!

In our next series we travel to Queanbeyan. Check out our On the Map homepage for more.

Welcome to the nbn™ network, Gympie! To find out if you can connect to the nbn™ network, check your address below.

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