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NBN Co increases fixed wireless download speeds for regional Australians

This blog was accurate at the date of publication. Some of the information in this blog may no longer be accurate and it is provided for educational and historical purposes only. We recommend that you make your own inquiries before relying on this information.

NBN Co’s fixed wireless service is already delivering services to regional Australia – and the news just got even better with the upcoming launch of our pilot of 25-50Mbps download speeds.

We are about to launch our new trial of 25-50Mbps/5-20Mbps services that are designed to give people living in regional and rural premises the opportunity to access higher speeds over fixed-wireless technology.

In the next month, subscribers currently taking a 25Mbps/5Mbps service could be eligible for an upgrade to the higher speed service, if their Service Provider is taking part in the trial.

Our fixed wireless service is already installed in almost 40,000 homes and businesses in regional and rural Australia with nearly 200,000 premises able to connect to the network that will ultimately cover around 600,000 premises.

Outpacing the city slickers!

The improved upload speed on offer is designed to enable our end-users to upload photos, videos or other content to the internet.

Levelling the playing field

Our regional and rural broadband users are not only receiving faster speeds than their counterparts in most other global markets – even in many developed markets rural and regional areas are critically under served by broadband – they are also able to access ample data allowances from our RSP partners.

While fixed wireless broadband end-users in many markets around the world get miniscule data allowances – often around 10GB per month. Our fixed-wireless end-users here can access monthly data allowances of up to 250GB per month through some internet service providers – enough to watch 250 hours of streaming video per month!

The increased speeds will also be great news for schools and businesses in regional areas, enabling them to do a whole lot more with their NBN connection.

The Next Step

Our fixed wireless pilot is expected to run for the next few months with a full commercial launch of the service scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2015. That’s when subscribers will be able to contact their service provider if they wish to continue having access to a higher speed service.

The launch of the 25-50Mbps/5-20Mbps service – along with the continuing expansion of our fixed wireless footprint – is another example of NBN Co’s commitment to close the digital divide between regional and urban Australia.

Gavin Williams is General Manager Fixed Wireless and Satellite at NBN Co.

Last updated on 20 March 2018

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