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Broadband for homes and businesses in high rise buildings

A quick look at one of the ways we will be rolling out fast broadband to Australia

What are we announcing today?

Today we are launching our commercial Fibre to the Building (FTTB) product to our customers, the phone and internet companies. The launch of our FTTB product follows a customer pilot in parts of inner Melbourne over the past year.

What is FTTB?

FTTB is a way of delivering fast broadband to business high rises and apartment buildings.

Fibre optic cable is run to NBN equipment installed in the basement or communication room of a building. Fast broadband services can then be delivered by phone and internet providers to homes or businesses within the building via the existing in-building wiring.

Many countries around the world including South Korea and Japan use FTTB technology to deliver broadband services to homes and businesses in high rise buildings.

Why are we using it?

Using the existing in-building wiring to deliver broadband allows for an easier installation experience than other technologies.

It also means families and businesses should be able to access fast broadband faster than previously anticipated, with less disruption to your home or business and at less cost to tax payers.

When will you be able to connect?

Phone and internet companies will shortly be offering NBN services over FTTB to families and businesses in some buildings in Civic, Queanbeyan, Footscray, Brunswick and Carlton – with more locations expected to follow by June 2015.

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