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Don’t slip: Tips to keep fit with tech this year

The internet can be your most helpful tool when it comes to shaking off the holiday kilos. 

Now that the festive season is over, many of us are forcing ourselves onto the bathroom scales and preparing to get in shape for the new year.

It’s never an easy task to lose weight, however you don’t necessarily have to spend hundreds on a personal trainer to reach your goals.

If you have an internet connection there are plenty of ways to increase your fitness.

Online fitness videos 

Sites like fitnessblender have hundreds of free videos to match the workout you prefer, the intensity and the amount of time you have to spend sweating it out. You can filter videos by calories burned, training type and equipment needed.

YouTube is another endless source for workout vids, with popular choices being Jillian Michaels’ Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism Series, 7 minute workout and Beyoncé: ‘Move your body’ Full Workout Routine, which breaks down Queen Bey’s awesome dance moves while helping you to burn the calories.

If your prefer an Australian instructor you can always check out the free content from fitness trainer Tim Robards, who, with nbn, has put together a series of workout videos you can stream in your own living room.


Instructional videos 

Sometimes results are more about quality than quantity, and using your body the right way to get the best results.

Should you be keen on venturing to the gym, all those machines can seem overwhelming. YouTube has a number of videos that will walk you step by step through how to make the most of various gym equipment.

There are also plenty of beginner workout instruction videos that can take you through to steps to get fit and provide tips to help prevent you from injuring yourself.

A helpful app is Couch to 5K, which takes you from short jogs of just a minute long to being able to run a distance of five kilometres. This app also tracks your progress and encourages you as you build on your ability to jog for longer periods.

Check out these tips from fitness expert Tim Robards that can help you stay in top shape at home.


Speaking of apps… 

There is no shortage of Android and iOS apps to help you on your fitness journey! From calorie trackers to six-pack enforcers, you’ll be able to find something that suits your training style.

Some of the most downloaded apps for fitness include:

  • Fitnet (including 5 and 7 minute workouts)
  • Sworkit (with strength, cardio, yoga and stretching workouts)
  • Strava Run / Cycle (to track your progress and try to beat others doing the same circuits)
  • Spotify Running (which can select tracks based on your running pace)
  • Nike+ Training Club (with workouts from some of the world’s best known trainers)

Gamify your fitness 

Zombies, Run! is a popular app that has you fleeing flesh-eating ex-humans, running from location to location to pick up supplies. You can play your own tracks while you complete each ‘mission’ and save your fellow man.

You can also download a fitness app that lets you compete and track your progress against friends, such as Endomondo. This free app acts as a virtual personal trainer, encouraging you to reach your fitness goals.

You might be more in the mood for saving the world, in the which case check out Superhero Workout. Through exercise, you can protect the earth from invasion, activating weapons, shields and skills as you go.

Designed for both supermen and women, this app has different workouts to choose from.  

Apple TV / Chromecast 

We have come a long way since the good old days of Aerobics Oz Style. You can still get fit with the help of your TV, especially if you have an Apple TV or Chromecast device to connect it to the internet.

Some highly recommended Apple TV fitness apps are:

  • Zova
  • Beachbody on Demand
  • DailyBurn

On Chromecast, the top picks include:

  • 7MinGym
  • DailyBurn
  • Workout TV

Fitness in the future 

The rising tide of technology will bring with it new ways to stay fit. With the help of Augmented Reality headsets, your personal trainer will soon be able to come to you in hologram form, training people all over the world at the same time.

In the near future you’ll might also be able to pop on a VR headset such as Oculus Rift and jog along some of the most impressive trails in the world, taking in the view in full 360 degrees.

Imagine climbing the steps of Macchu Picchu in the morning and still being in time for work!

Some gyms around the world are already offering virtual reality technology, taking fitness fanatics on breath-taking journeys during their lunch breaks with the help of massive wall-mounted screens.

Those who have tried it report that they can’t help but feel the adrenaline rush of exercising outdoors.

When you have the right tools and finally hit your stride, fitness can be incredibly fun and rewarding. You can switch between all manner of videos, apps and programs to diversify your efforts and have fun while you melt the kilos!

For more tips on how to work out at home, check out our keeping trim with Tim Robards article to find out what you'll need.

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