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Introducing Australia's first virtual band

Making music without meeting face to face.

Modern technology is not just revolutionising workplaces and education, it is also changing the music and entertainment industries.

To showcase the possibilities of improved access to the internet, nbn is giving budding musicians from around the country the chance to be part of a virtual band, using the power of access to a fast and reliable broadband network.

These talented musicians, with the help of experienced producer Darren “Harts’ Hart, have been tasked with the challenge of creating an original song without ever being in the same room as each other.

The unearthed online talent who have been brought together are from all walks of life and all over the country.

These musicians auditioned online before being brought together for virtual collaborations and creative jam sessions, with each being selected because of their location and their enthusiasm for the project.

Get to know our three ambitious musicians and talented mentor:

Rowena Wise 

Melbourne-based singer songwriter Rowena is an independent, self-managed artist, meaning she is able to be versatile and open to new opportunities.

Having recently released her debut solo album, Rowena is delighted to be collaborating with other unsigned artists, making music “without borders”.

Rowena is an active technology user, accessing the internet every day to collect and distribute music. “It’s an infinite melting pot of potential,” she explains.

“I can discover other artists and get into their music, share it with others (and) be influenced in the way I create my own music.”

For artists like Rowena, sharing and promoting music online means you can reach a broader audience without geographic limits. “And it’s only getting easier through the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud.”

The thrill of this project for Rowena is seeing the track come together piece by piece and hearing the parts combine to become a whole.

“We are collaborative in the sense that we’re always going to be checking in and bouncing around ideas on the internet, and we’ll be combining our recorded parts together in the final mix.At the same time, we can write our parts in solitude in the comfort of our own bedrooms.”

Lucy Mills (aka Leo) 

As a guitarist and singer, Leo’s specialty acoustic sounds are full of emotion.

“Being part of the virtual band is exciting for me because I have no idea what the process is going to look like – it’s going to be a whole new way of creating music and will be a great process of development for songwriting in general” says the Wollongong-based musician.

Online, Leo takes advantage of the internet to connect with new fans. She shares photos and videos and is able to keep her followers up to date on her upcoming performances and projects.

Jayden Rando 

Talented producer Jayden simply can’t stop making music.

Hailing from the small town of Binningup in the south of WA, when this 18 year old is not performing gigs around Perth and the South West, he is busy producing tracks in his bedroom studio.

Even though he is still in school, Jayden actively uses the internet to produce tune after tune, sharing them with his friends and his fanbase on the social platforms of Soundcloud and Facebook.

Jayden was chosen for nbn’s music collaboration project because of his unique style and drive for success on an international scale.

Darren ‘Harts’ Hart 

‘Harts’, as he is known, is an internationally renowned Melbourne born music producer.

Skilled in guitar, keyboard, drum and bass as well as producing, writing and performing music, Harts is acting as maestro, mentor and guide to Jayden, Leo and Rowena.

The internet has been integral to Harts’ music career, having led him via YouTube to a unique mentoring experience at the home of the late artist Prince.

Harts is looking forward to guiding the band as they collaborate on their original track.

Everyone who is involved with the project will stay connected via video conferencing, emails and instant messenger to upload and download samples.

You can follow their journey via the nbn blog and stay tuned for the release of the virtual bands track in 2017.


Last updated on 09 January 2017

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