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How technology is transforming our creative pursuits

In the last part of our Future of Work series, we look at how a better-connected Australia will impact the future of creative jobs. 

Ever considered turning your creative passion into your full-time job?

The Future of Jobs report, commissioned by nbn, predicts that the workforce group known as the Creatives will prove to be a key player in our workforce.

Creative jobs include the likes of designers, social media engineers and photographers, and the report examines how this group is driven to produce innovative work with a focus on creative and lifestyle outcomes, rather than business results.

Technology + photography

The combination of smartphone and camera may have led some photographers to consider their profession in danger of becoming extinct.

However, as digital and social media expands, the demand for professional images has also increased.

As a result, photography was one of the fastest growing job areas in the first decade of the 21st century.

Sample Room in Melbourne is a fashion business that's using digital disruption to drive business efficiences.

Technology + Fashion

Connectivity and digital disruption has provided a boost to the fashion industry, offering innovative new ways of creating and producing what we wear.

Melbourne-based Sample Room - a pattern-making, sampling and product development service for the fashion industry - is operating a one-stop pre-production studio with a wide range of services, from online consultations to Skype fittings.

Snapshots of work in progress at the Sample Room

The Sample Room has integrated what was previously a fragmented process. The business, which operates almost entirely online, says access to fast broadband network has been integral to expanding their service to a global consumer base.

It is expected that creative and lifestyle businesses of the future will be able to engage more clients, source more inspiration and operate far more efficiently - leading to a more agile and a diverse marketplace.

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Last updated on 08 February 2016

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