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What a connected home may look like

The rollout of the nbn™ network is designed to provide access to fast, reliable internet services for Australians and ensure we are ready for the home of the future.

Connected homes sound like something out of the Jetsons.

The truth is that we are already at the stage where it's possible to remote-record TV shows with a smartphone, or program our heating or air conditioning to go on and off at a particular time.

But what if the devices in our homes were not only automated, they also worked to keep us healthy, save us time and money, and keep our brains working at optimum level? 

It would possibly become easier than ever to stay healthy, wealthy and wise!

So what would the average day look like in this ultra connected world? We imagine a timeline of events:


Wake up to your favourite music pre-programmed on your smartphone. Or if you really struggle to get out of bed, the flying helicopter clock will ensure you do.

The curtains open automatically and sensors in your room gradually turn off the air con and adjust the lighting to suit your preferences.  

7.20 am

With sensors monitoring how much protein, carbohydrates and liquid your body needs, your freshly prepared breakfast and orange juice is ready for you to eat as your TV displays your social media messages, your daily schedule and the latest news.

A helicopter flying alarm clock. Photo: Amazon

8 am

Finished with breakfast, you proceed to get ready for work. Your smartphone tells you what the weather will be like, so you know what clothes you will need to wear for the day.

You clean your teeth using a connected toothbrush. It will report your brushing habits back to your dentist, ready for your next check-up. Next, you get into the shower that is preset to the perfect temperature.

8:30 am

As you leave the house, the energy-saving devices in your home go into power-save mode to protect you from a bill shock later. Your home security automatically locks doors and windows.

In the garage, your car tells you that there is heavy traffic on your way to work and advises you on the best route for getting to work on time. 

1:30 pm

Your shopping - which you bought online - arrives at your house while you are at work. Usually a problem, a keyless lock means you can open via a security code or operate remotely with your smartphone, negating the need for you to be present.

A connected toothbrush. Photo courtesy:

Schlage Keyless Lock Bluetooth door lock technology that knows the difference between you and your neighbour. Photo courtesy:

3:30 pm

For those working from home, Cortana works as your clever new personal assistant. It will help you find things on your computer, manage your calendar, track packages, find files, chat with you, and even tell jokes. The more you use it, the more personalised your experience will be.

6 pm

As you head back after the day at work, your smart home is ready to receive you.

You arrive to find it set to the perfect temperature, the lights are turn on as you approach, based on location from the GPS in your watch. 

7 pm

There’s no need to become a gourmet chef when you have a smart home.

Order your steak to be cooked to perfection - be it rare, medium rare or well done. Italian company Cuciniale has created a cooker that lets you not only do this but also cook pasta to be al dente - all “ordered” via your smartphone!

Cuciniale in action. Photo: YouTube

8:00 pm

With dinner done and your shopping list updated based on the food you have eaten, you can now retire to the lounge room to watch your favourite TV show which is being streamed directly to your TV.

9:30 pm

Once in bed, your devices go into energy-saving mode for the night, lights dim or turn off and the perfect temperature is set for sleeping. Your watch tracks your sleeping patterns and gently wakes you up the next morning, when you've had the optimal amount of sleep.

While this may seem like distant future, advances in technology will make this scene less out of science fiction and more a practical reality.

The rollout of the nbn™ network is designed to provide access to fast, reliable internet services for Australians and ensure we are ready for the home of the future.

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