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Stocktake your tech: Keep, sell or toss?

Oh, 1990s Nokia phone! Why are you so hard to part with?

The same way you go through your wardrobe and your book collection, you should probably check out all the various gadgets you have stashed in cupboards around your house.

Most of them will likely be obsolete and worth nothing, but some might surprise you and some are worth hanging onto.

Apple devices

There is definitely a market for your old iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac.

You can generally expect to get anything between $30 and a few hundred dollars for your efforts, depending on how recent your model is. 

Buyers are looking for devices that are in the best possible condition and have a charger as well as earphones. If you have the box it came in - even better!

Check out eBay and Gumtree to see what Apple products similar to yours are going for.

Before you sell, make sure that you haven’t got any personal information or images stored on your device.  


Used modems aren’t in hot demand and only sell for pocket change on second hand sites.

With that in mind, it doesn’t hurt to keep one that is old but in working order. It can act as a backup in case the one you’re using bites the dust (that way you’ll hopefully never get stuck without internet!)  

Old phones

Vintage ‘bricks’ do have some value for collectors or for parts.

For a shortcut to see what yours is worth, check out a site like Mobile Monster.

Depending on the make, model and condition, it could be well worth your time to send your old phone to a better place.  


You still have a VCR? Wow…

If it is in excellent condition and has the original cables, you might be able to flog it for something like $50.

It will go for more if it is a two-in-one with a DVD player.

Interestingly though, some VHS tapes do have value. Certain Disney titles sell online for up to $20 and more if they have never been opened. There are also tapes of movies that are rare to find that could earn you a pretty penny.

It is worth doing some research before you commit your video collection to the scrap-heap in its entirety.

There just might be a fanatic out there who would love to get their hands on what you’ve got. 

Your car's GPS

It really doesn’t feel like that long ago that a portable GPS was the whiz-bang gadget that revolutionised road trips.

In no time at all, smartphones and in-car systems quickly rendered them unnecessary.

Portable GPS still sell brand new for $200-$300.

If you’re looking to offload one that you don’t use anymore, you might be able to get around $50. You’ll get more if you have the right connecting cables and the most up to date maps. 

Digital cameras

Remember going on a trip and packing your camera as well as your phone?

Not many people bother anymore, especially because cameras don’t come with selfie sticks.

Photographic technology evolves perhaps more quickly than anything else so your 2006 basic digital snapper won’t nab you a lot of cash.

You’d probably have more luck selling a vintage 1970s film camera to a photography enthusiast.

Most gadgets from even four or five years ago have lost their value, but they’re not completely worthless.

The good news is that if you’re willing to take the time to list your old technology for sale online, you’ll probably at least make a few bucks to go towards a top-of-the-range new TV or the latest model phone.

They key is to do your research and find out what your technology is worth, and not to have expectations of riches. 

Want to chuck 'em?

The best place for old gadgets is NOT your household rubbish bin as there are potentially toxic chemicals contained in the parts.

If you can’t sell them, you should recycle or appropriately dispose of your pre-00’s computer, your boxy old TV or your ancient phone.

Some electronics companies will take back your gadgets and dispose of them for you, so get in touch with them to find out if you can mail or drop off in store.

Alternatively, visit the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme or Planet Ark website to find your nearest free collection point.

One more idea - donate your tech!

Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s not usable and can’t make a difference to someone’s life.

Check out outlets like Technical Aid to the Disabled to find out more.

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