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One big, happy (digital) family

The Edridge family is logging onto a world of connected possibilities.

For Stephen Edridge, father of three young girls, fast internet is as basic a necessity as electricity.

It’s not surprising to see why – with 15 connected devices in a household of five, the Edridges live and thrive in a digital ecosystem.

Apart from all the connected computers and television sets, they have light switches that can be turned on remotely as well as a fully-connected home theatre system.

But it’s the Edridges’ daughters who are digital natives in true sense of the word.

With an iPad, an iPhone and a computer each, they are logged onto a world of exciting possibilities - and of course, social media! - all under dad’s watch.

“Every device in this house that has the ability to be connected to the internet is connected to the nbn™ network,” Stephen says, “It’s important to enable our children with technologies.”

Take a tour of the Edridge family home in the video above.

Check your address to see when you and your family could be connecting to the nbn™ network.

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