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Six quick tips for job seekers in the digital age

Make the most of the internet to upgrade your career.

The new year is a time when businesses and employees alike turn the wheels of change, looking for new people and new opportunities.

Nowadays, advertisements are almost always posted online and the application process can be conducted online with the help of video conferencing technology.

Consider using some or all of the following tips to harness the powers of the internet in your favour and boost your chances of taking the next step in your career.

Brush up your digital presence 

In Australia, the key job websites include SEEK, LinkedIn, MyCareer and CareerOne.

On many of these sites you can create a profile allowing recruiters to poach you. Even if they don’t actively seek you out, they will more than likely review the information you have posted about yourself once they receive your job application.

It can be a good idea to regularly update your current role, the skills it requires and the duties you perform on your online profile so that you aren’t frantically trying to make adjustments when a great position comes up.

Stay up to date 

Most job websites allow you to set up notifications using keywords. Once you have done this you’ll receive a list of potential jobs sent direct to your inbox a couple of times a week. 

Review your social media profiles 

That picture of you wearing a silly hat and holding up a drink that is front and centre on your profile might not be the best first impression for an employer! 

As well as using the internet to establish your ‘personal brand’, you can stay connected with the companies you aspire to join on social media platforms including LinkedIn and even Facebook.

This will give you the advantage of knowing what they have been focusing on should you score an interview.

Reach out 

The job of recruiters is to get to know as many people as possible.

Making a connection via LinkedIn is far from taboo, in fact, it makes their job easier!

Explain a little about yourself and offer to send an up to date resume. Keep in touch from time to time, so they don’t forget about you when a suitable role comes up.

Get inspiration from online templates 

There are plenty of online resources that can help you create the perfect resume by providing you with templates and suggestions of information you can include in order to stand out to recruiters and employers.

Search for options such as, Resume Generator and for basic resume templates.

If you have multimedia skills and examples of digital projects you could check out something like and come up with something more creative.

Improve your skills 

If you have a dream job in mind but don’t feel like you’re quite qualified enough to make it there, you can also take a look at online courses that you can complete in your spare time.

There are dozens of institutions in Australia and around the world which offer affordable or even cheap options that you can undertake outside of business hours.

With persistence, tenacity and a little help from your friend the internet your job hunt should pay off!  

Looking to maybe upgrade your professional profile? Good news! These days there are plenty of options to brush up your professional skills online.

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