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Build your professional footprint: Infographic bio and resume tools

We live in an increasingly digital-centric world. Online search engine visibility can play a crucial role in our professional identities, both on and off the web. 

As individuals continue to spend more time online, digital identities in the form of infographic bios and resumes also continue to grow in popularity.

Being used in conjunction with traditional bios and resumes, they simplify the information being presented using snapshots, graphs, and images. They are visually appealing, and ensure the information presented is easily digestible.

They’re not necessarily a complete replacement for a traditional resume or bio, but they can add a useful visual element, and serve to increase your professional online presence.

On top of all this, they can be a good way to beef out search results targeting your name with professional information.

If you’re looking to strengthen your digital presence in the form of a professional profile or infographic resume, here are 4 infographic tools to help get you started. 

Video courtesy:'s YouTube channel is a personal landing page described as “Your address on the web”. It allows individuals to showcase single page user profiles about who they are and what matters most to them.

The platform allows you to link to relevant online sites and personal social network pages such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. pages are generally aimed at audiences such as writers, foodies, designers, photographers, entrepreneurs, travellers, students, artists, and technologists, but anyone can get on board.


VisualCV is a site that enables you to create a professional resume, online portfolio or personal landing page. There are a number of professional designs to choose from, with the option to publish as a CV, a professional website or export to a PDF.

Features include multiple resume designs, online portfolio support, and a separate URL for each profile you choose to create. There is also the ability to view analytics on who has viewed each profile. 

Video courtesy:'s YouTube channel is an online infographic resume tool that allows integration with your LinkedIn Profile. You can import your details across, creating a fun and visually simple yet compelling snapshot of your career history and professional accomplishments.

The platform uses vibrant colours, tables and graphs, with a number of different themes to choose from, and also allows you to customise your own URL. (pronounced "review") is an infographic platform that allows you to share your professional story. You can use the tool to create your own page, presenting information in the form of graphics and charts.

This platform also offers LinkedIn profile integration and the ability to customise a URL. In addition, it also offers the ability to examine your traffic with detailed analytics.

None of these services on their own will necessarily change your job prospects, but making your professional life more visible online through a combination of the above, or another service, can be a good way to differentiate yourself from the pack when looking for a new career opportunity.

Just make sure you keep track of what you sign up to, and update as your situation changes. You don’t want to end up with a string of out-of-date bios and CVs out there with contradictory information!

Article written by Mel Thomson – Business Partner, Recruitment within the Talent and Sourcing Team, Network and Service Operations nbn.

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