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The Cloud: What can it do for Aussie businesses?

Cloud computing has been a hot topic in the technology industry in recent years – but how will Aussie businesses really benefit from the cloud?

One of the big ‘in’ jokes in the technology industry these past few years has been that whilst everyone has hyped the potential of cloud computing, few can explain what the cloud will do for businesses – but that’s starting to change.

As global technology giants such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft have started to deploy their cloud services and popular cloud storage applications like Dropbox have emerged people have started to get a better understanding of the power of the cloud.

However, international research firm, Ovum states in its recently released SME cloud-based services: overseas successes & Australian opportunities report the Australian small and medium business community has still only scratched the surface of the benefit the cloud will be able to deliver.

For our part the NBN is designed to deliver access to the kind of high quality broadband service that Aussie business will need to get the most from cloud delivered services.

Making the impossible possible 

One of the biggest things the cloud brings to Aussie businesses is access to the kinds of IT applications that previously only large corporate players could afford.

Companies such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and are delivering sophisticated business process solutions via the cloud – including advanced storage, accountancy and sales tracking software – allowing businesses to expand their markets, lower their operating costs and improve their productivity.

Crucially, the scale that cloud delivery brings to the table – with these technology giants able to serve every SME on the planet with a broadband connection – means that these providers can offer services at increasingly affordable prices for Aussie businesses.

What’s next for the cloud? 

According to figures from the Australian Communications & Media Authority less than half of Aussie small businesses are currently using cloud services – with the majority of those only using ‘entry level’ cloud applications such as storage, web-hosting, email and security applications. This presents a significant untapped potential in new cloud services.

By embracing cloud services could open up opportunities for businesses:

  • Platform-as-a-Service: Buy IT hardware or network capacity.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service: Access storage, servers and IT components.
  • Software-as-a-Service: Use business software and tool from vendors and providers.
  • Communication: Video-conference and messaging services.

But who will supply these cloud services to Aussie businesses? Interestingly, Ovum says there is plenty of room for collaboration between our local Retail Service Providers on the NBN – who are already supplying NBN connectivity to their commercial customers – and the global cloud service providers.

So, exciting times ahead for Aussie businesses, with cloud services helping them operate more efficiently and gain access to IT services without the need for in-house skills. Watch the video to see how the NBN is changing the way Mug Shots Espresso in Sandgate QLD does business.

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