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Fine wine and fast internet: Now that’s a pairing!

Access to fast internet is transforming this winemaker’s family business.

Connectivity to high-speed internet is having an unprecedented impact on how entrepreneurs and small businesses operate around Australia.

From launching new digital ventures to zipping along on the information superhighway, business owners are connecting to a world of exciting possibilities like never before.

For Nick Haselgrove, CEO of Adelaide Winemakers, access to fast data over the nbn™ network has opened doors to a new way of working.

A third-generation winemaker from McLaren Vale, Haselgrove says high-speed internet has helped streamline access to information critical to running his business.

“We can do more things quickly and completely. Being cloud based means we don’t have to be tied to a server – it’s all up in the sky… and I can access the same data on any device,” Haselgrove says.

Access to and utilisation of services such as video conferencing has reduced the need for Haselgrove and his team to jump on a plane every time they have to meet customers.

“We are rising up to meet new technology, which is helping us do more things,” he says.


Check your address to see when you could be connecting to the nbn™ network.

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