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Co-working spaces: The new 'corporate cool' for entrepreneurs

With co-working offices on the rise around the world, we look into the concept of shared, collaborative workspaces and the benefits to help businesses.

Co-working spaces in Australia have become a notable trend in today’s workforce.

Unlike the traditional nine-to-five office environment, co-working spaces are a productivity hub for multiple businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs looking to work independently in a shared office environment.

Over the years, co-working spaces have become much more than temporary renting workspaces.

They’ve evolved into communities of ambitious and driven individuals, creating prime opportunities for start-up founders and staff members to establish connections, expand their ‘black book’ of contacts and grow their business without the overhead costs that come with traditional office spaces.

Here are the three top reasons why co-working spaces are perfect for growing your businesses:

1. Better focus

Co-working provides workers with an independent space to professionally ‘show up’ to work, both mentally and physically.

This is especially useful for at-home professionals or freelancers who have the freedom to work remotely or on mobile, but at times need a space to arrange client meetings, workshops or time away from the distractions of home.

As a result, co-working spaces give professionals the opportunity to be more productive and prosperous in achieving their business objectives. 

Simon, James and Tommy of Tasmania-based Biteable work out of a co-working space. Read their story here.

2. Create your own schedule

As Australians gain access, through the nbn™ network, to faster broadband across the country, the opportunity to create a stronger work-life balance has never been easier.

Whilst individuals are no longer bound to their desks, the use of co-working spaces mean they can take advantage of the benefits when needed to conduct meetings, conferences and workshops.

This sense of autonomy means people can truly be their own boss and create a work schedule that suits their lifestyle.

3. A sense of community

One of the most unique offerings of co-working spaces is the sense of community created amongst talented individuals with common values and synergy.

Co-working spaces open up a world of opportunities to collaborate, brainstorm and develop ideas with a like-minded group of ‘colleagues’.

Research suggests an inspiring and collaborative office environment not only sparks productivity, but also boosts confidence and creativity.

As well as this, the use of shared resource amongst a number of companies means co-working spaces are more economically sustainable and eco-friendly.

Co-working spaces are popping up all around Australia and these are some of the leading names across Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney: 

York Butter Factory, Melbourne

Melbourne’s York Butter Factory has been operating for the last five years and  is set to be Australia’s largest innovation hub.

The office space spans across two floors and caters for up to 60 entrepreneurs on any given day, focusing on high-potential, early-stage technology startups. Members are provided full access to a number of amenities including coffee, meeting rooms, and events run for Melbourne’s startup scene in the building.

River City Labs, Brisbane

As one of Brisbane’s only co-working spaces in the city, River City Labs was created by successful Australian investor Steve Baxter.

This start-up hub’s work philosophy is simple: to become the physical location that anchors the early stage and startup tech community in Brisbane.

River City Labs provides members with vast benefits including fast Internet speeds, meetings and workshop spaces as well as open spaces to breakout and collaborate.

It also provides the local community members to regular networking events and mentoring opportunities – fundamental to first time start-ups!

La Porte Space, Sydney

For creative individuals such as fashion bloggers Zanita, Paula Joye and Maragret Zhang, La Porte Space is the go-to immersive hub to foster working relationships and collaborate between creatives.

Launched in April 2015, La Porte Space provides premium office spaces and photography studios under the roof of a converted warehouse for entrepreneurs to thrive and flourish their brands.

At the end of each month, all individuals come together to foster the exchange of creative ideas in the space that may lead to future projects and collaborations.

As more individuals utilise the working benefits of faster broadband, co-working spaces will provide the unique opportunity to focus on project ideas, collaborate with others and create the perfect work-life balance.

Check your address to find out if the nbn™ network is available at your home or business.

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