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Broadband pilot puts small business in the fast lane

Our first FTTB customer is revved up for business

The Melbourne Grand Prix season is the busiest time of year for small business owner Jospeh Gerace who runs Australia’s leading retailer for official licensed sports brands such as Ferrari.

Last year, he jumped at the chance to be one of the first in Australia to experience the fast broadband through our new fibre-to-the-building technology (FTTB), which was trialled in a few inner-city Melbourne suburbs.

The FTTB technology allows us to simply install new NBN equipment in the communications room of each building (ordinarily located in the basement) so we can provide access to fast broadband via existing in-building wiring.

Since connecting to the NBN, Mr Gerace’s has been firmly in driver’s seat to implement change and innovation. He says it has allowed him run his business faster to better manage the influx of clients over the busy periods, connect with international clients and offer a better in-store experience.

As an added bonus he also says meetings are now over a lot sooner which means less time faffing around and more time talking to customers about the next big race.

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