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Accessibility for all with Pyrus Event Services

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Pyrus Event Services, Innovate with nbn® Grants Program winner for Arts in 2021, is helping remove obstacles to digital accessibility and inclusion.

Access to the nbn network is helping break down the barriers that prevent people from taking advantage of our digital world.

At nbn, we believe everyone should enjoy the social and economic opportunities made possible by fast broadband. In this way, we can also help create a more digitally equal society.

Pyrus Event Services shares nbn’s passion to clear away the roadblocks preventing digital participation.

A specialised event technology consultancy, founder Adam Bannister believes audience diversity and inclusion should be at the heart of all events.

With this in mind, the business developed its ‘Pyrus Connect’ solution, aiming to make access to virtual and hybrid events easier and more inclusive by enabling audiences to tailor the experience to suit their needs.

It's this commitment to inclusivity that helped Pyrus win the 2021 Innovate with nbn Grants Program Arts category.

Innovate with nbn Grants Program

The Innovate with nbn Grants Program encourages businesses from regional areas with their technology-led ideas with the aim of facilitating and supporting further growth.

Run in partnership with the Regional Australia Institute, the Innovate with nbn Grants Program is part of nbn’s commitment to lift the digital capability of people and business in regional Australia.

Innovative businesses enabled by the nbn network were awarded grants of $10,000 across seven categories – Agriculture, Arts, Education, Health, Indigenous Business, Tourism, and Women in Regional Business – with the overall Innovate with nbn Champion awarded an additional $25,000 grant to help support their bright idea.

Regional innovation

A passionate advocate for empowering people to live and work regionally, in 2016, Adam founded Pyrus Event Services from his home in Wagga Wagga (Wiradjuri Country), New South Wales.

It was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, though, that saw Pyrus pivot into what Adam describes as a ‘national facing, regional business’.

“My work's been fairly mainstream in the past, but I've found a bit of a niche around disability arts focused conferencing and arts festivals,” says Adam.

Adam Bannister from Pyrus Event Services
Pyrus has paid particular attention to integrating accessibility aids,  such as Auslan interpretation and live captioning into events, a process he’s been able to fast track with the aid of the Innovate with nbn Grant.

“There were a lot of barriers to entry for a lot of very diverse sets of audiences,” says Adam.

“I've just found it's a bit of an overlooked area, especially before COVID, that I don't think anyone would have even given a second thought.

“We got a lot of very quick runs on the board, and it's kind of led to this. Honestly, the business is probably where I expected it to be in about five, ten years’ time.”

Enabling through nbn

Adam says none of Pyrus’ rapid growth would be possible without access to the nbn network.

“My business would not exist in the form it does now, without nbn infrastructure.

“It just allows us to run services that previously would have just been completely left behind in the regions. It’s just been incredible.”

Jennifer Ganske, Head of Segment – Tourism and the Arts at nbn, agrees.

“One of the goals and ambitions of the Innovate with nbn Grants Program is really to get people moving on their digital strategy and understanding how relevant that is for a small and medium business.

“Especially when you're in regional areas and looking to connect with broader regional, remote and rural audiences, that digital strategy is such a key piece.”

Jennifer Ganske, Head of Segment – Tourism and the Arts at nbn

Advice for new applicants

Adam encourages those with great ideas that harness the power of fast broadband to apply for the 2022 Innovate with nbn Grants Program, which closes on 20 November 2022.

He says the best advice he can offer applicants is to focus on the ‘why’.

“Focus on the change you're trying to make and the mission that you're on. Just apply, because you never know where your little idea might lead you, so just go for it.”

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