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Brendan Donohoe

Brendan Donohoe

Brendan Donohoe is Executive General Manager, Small and Medium Business at NBN Co.

Brendan is a seasoned Information and Communications Technology Executive Director, with a career spanning 30 years in the industry.

In his current role as Executive General Manager, Small and Medium Business, Brendan works with retail Internet Service Providers to transform Australian business and government customers through better business grade internet connections to better leverage technology and innovation.

Prior to joining NBN Co, Brendan had a long career in Telstra involving small business, medium business, and enterprise and government, with a common theme of bringing technology to life across all three segments.

Brendan holds an MBA and Diploma of Electrical Engineering, which – together with his passion for small and medium business – is a great combination for helping businesses of all sizes use technology to thrive.

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