Guidance on the removal and relocation of nbn™ supplied equipment

If you’re intending to remove or relocate your nbn™ supplied equipment (such as a connection box, associated cables and other equipment) due to renovation, demolition or a move of premises, here is some key information around the roles and responsibilities involved.

Renovation or demolition

Renovations or demolition may require the removal and or relocation of aerial or underground nbn™ network cables and nbn™ supplied equipment (such as a connection box, associated cables and other equipment). Only authorised nbn™ technicians can relocate your nbn™ supplied equipment.
You will need to apply for a request for this removal and or/relocation work to be assessed and eligibility confirmed. Please keep in mind that each application will incur a mandatory Commercial Works fee, which must be paid before any work begins. Fees will be discussed in detail with you, after assessment of the request for relocation is completed.
For more information on how to apply including streamlining the relocation work and eligibility process, the fees involved and assessment forms, check out the Commercial Works page, or get started on the application process.
Find out how to apply

Moving house

You are required to leave the nbn™ supplied equipment such as a connection box and cables as is (it’s important to note that by law this is a requirement).  If you are moving into new residential premises, please read the next section.

Moving in

If you’re moving into a premises that’s connected to the nbn™ access network and you discover the nbn™ supplied equipment has been removed, the next step will be for you to speak directly to your phone or internet provider.
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