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nbn Smart Communities Industry Consultation

As part of the continuing commitment to consultation with the industry, nbn is releasing a new Product Consultation paper to elicit feedback on a new proposed wholesale product: nbn® Smart Communities.

nbn is seeking feedback from interested Retail Service Providers, other carriage service providers, property developers, utilities providers, building system integrators, building management system equipment providers and users of non-broadband infrastructure to validate the desirability, feasibility, and viability of this new product construct idea, including its fitness for purpose and channel to market.

nbn Smart Communities is designed to help enable a private and secure Integrated Communications Network (ICN) to be deployed over the nbn® Fibre Network, over the same physical infrastructure used for broadband and telephony applications. This connectivity is intended to support non-broadband, Ethernet-based applications within a Site, such as intercom, metering, sensors, and CCTV. Whilst much of the same fibre infrastructure will be used, traffic will be segregated so that privacy and security can be maintained, without requiring duplicate communications infrastructure to be deployed.

As part of this consultation, nbn is welcoming of feedback on alternative solutions for the customer needs and market opportunities outlined in this paper and would welcome the opportunity to discuss these ideas with interested parties. In addition, nbn welcomes the opportunity to meet with the industry to discuss the proposed construct in more detail and obtain feedback.

PDF Participants please contact your nbn Account Executive to request a meeting.

Non-PDF Participants can email to provide a response in writing or to request a meeting.

nbn welcomes any Participants to express their interest to participate in potential Proof of Concept (PoC) testing and co-design of the Product.


nbn Industry Consultation Product Construct Paper - nbn Smart Communities

(PDF - 561 KB)