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Commercial onboarding

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The first stage is commercial onboarding. This involves:

Executing an NDA and completing the nbn® Access Seeker questionnaire Completing the nbn® forecast template Conducting a full credit review

You will be invited to sign a two-way Non-Disclosure Agreement with nbn.

nbn will collect information about your organisation which will be used to assess your application throughout the onboarding process. This will include:

  • Information to assess your business model and gauge the commercial viability for both companies of establishing a direct relationship;
  • A background security check of your company;
  • A technical assessment to evaluate the feasibility of establishing connectivity between your equipment and the nbn network;
  • Approval of your application from the nbn onboarding team.

nbn will request a forecast, by Point of Interconnect (POI) of your projected sales volumes over 12 months and 24 months for each nbn product.

We'll request how you intend to connect to the POI (NNI or VNNI) and will ask for information about your current customer base.

A full-credit review will be undertaken for all new businesses. Based on the result of the credit review, nbn may request financial security, the value of which may exceed $100,000.

The release of the financial security will be in accordance with our credit policy.


Your forecast volumes

As you complete your forecast, please use this information to build your financial business plan for onboarding directly with nbn. Estimating your sales and expenses on a monthly or quarterly basis will give you a good idea of your break-even point. You can find details on what we charge per service in our Wholesale Broadband Agreement (WBA) page.

Once your business has commercially qualified, you'll be invited to sign the WBA.

In order to view the WBA, please accept to provide technical, commercial and financial information and a projected sales forecast by product.
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Explore other selling options

Reminder you can also sell nbn services via an nbn white-label provider or an nbn wholesale provider.