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Up to ten-times faster wholesale speed options for business

30 June 2022

  • nbn has enhanced its Enterprise Ethernet service for businesses to provide access to wholesale speed tiers of up to almost 10 gigabits per second. #  
  • nbn® Enterprise Ethernet is available through retailers to nbn’s existing Enterprise Ethernet footprint, including around 900,000 businesses located in 304 Business Fibre Zones across Australia, many in regional areas. ##   
  • A range of plans based on new 2 to close to 10Gbps symmetrical wholesale speed tiers are available through retailers for new and existing nbn Enterprise Ethernet customers. ##

In what is a gamechanger to help lift the digital capability of many businesses throughout Australia, nbn has turbocharged its Enterprise Ethernet service, with eligible business customers now able to order broadband based on wholesale speed tiers of up to almost 10Gbps — up to ten-times faster than before. # 

From 30 June, internet retailers will be able to offer plans based on a range of much faster nbn wholesale speed tiers nationally across nbn’s existing Enterprise Ethernet footprint including 304 nbn® Business Fibre Zones in metro and regional Australia. A range of plans based on new wholesale speed tier options between 2Gbps and close to 10Gbps# will be available to new and existing nbn Enterprise Ethernet customers.    

The nbn Enterprise Ethernet is a premium, high performance fibre access network designed to be both fast and reliable.

The nbn Business Fibre Zones cover much of Australia and give many regional towns and cities access to high speed nbn Enterprise Ethernet. This will give many regional businesses access to plans based on wholesale speed tiers of up to almost 10Gbps# to help them compete with their big city counterparts, giving a boost to regional businesses in the fast-growing digital economy.    

Built using dedicated fibre between the fibre access node and the premises and ethernet standards compatible across all retailers, nbn Enterprise Ethernet offers a business connection designed for the future, high network availability targets (~99.95%)#####, compatibility and fast speeds#. These features will help enable businesses to increase productivity, innovate and be ready to take advantage of future opportunities.    

Enterprise Ethernet has applications across many different business types, sizes and industries – these include health professionals supporting highly data intensive imaging, to schools requiring plans based on dedicated wholesale bandwidth on the nbn network, franchises running business critical and cloud applications and small to medium businesses with high upload and download requirements looking to move into the next phase of their digital transformation. ## 

Steve O’Rourke, General Manager, Business Customer Experience NBN Co, said,  

“The nbn network has changed our Australian way of life – it helps us do more – and this improved access technology will open the door on many new opportunities for businesses across the country.   

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so too does the nbn business offering - we expect demand for higher speed services to grow over time, as businesses further invest in technologies that require reliable, secure, high-speed broadband connectivity, including those in regional areas.”     

nbn’s business delivery processes have been optimised to help smooth ‘right first time’ connections for retailers and end users, with approximately two-thirds of locations within the nbn Business Fibre Zones eligible to get our 2Gbps - 10Gbps services delivered within 50 business days. ###     

nbn will be supplying a list of eligible premises to phone and internet retailers.    

Additional information

  • Higher-speed tiers from 2Gbps to close to 10Gbps are being supported using a new Business Network Termination Device (BNTD). #     
  • Approximately two-thirds of locations within the nbn Business Fibre Zones will be eligible to get our 2Gbps - 10Gbps services delivered within 50 business days. ###     
  • Existing EE customers on a plan based on wholesale speed tiers of close to 1Gbps#### or below can order a plan based on wholesale speed tiers of 2Gbps to close to 10Gbps service by ordering through their retail internet provider.  
  • Upfront Enterprise Ethernet connection costs will be fully subsidised for retailers if the premises is located within a business fibre zone and the provider signs up for a 36-month contract. ######   
  • Businesses can support their digital connectivity with plans based on symmetrical upload and download wholesale speed tier options of up to almost 10Gbps on nbn Enterprise Ethernet. #     
  • nbn Enterprise Ethernet will now also be available to many data centres in metro and regional locations on an on-demand basis, to help meet requests by retailers. ####### 

Important notes:

A case study is available upon request.

# Regardless of the bandwidth profile for the service you acquire from your service provider, it may operate at less than 10,000 Mbps (or, in some circumstances, 1,000 Mbps, if that bandwidth profile is acquired) because of normal equipment and network limitations. In addition, your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn® network, depends on some factors outside our control (like your equipment quality, software, and how your service provider designs its network). If your service provider has not selected Class of Service High, speeds you experience may be affected by contention on the nbn® network, particularly in busy periods. 

## business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet is only available in the nbn® Fixed Line network footprint and at limited premises served by the nbn® Fixed Wireless and Satellite networks.  

### The 50 Business Days Service Delivery Guarantee is not available for Premises located in the nbn non-fixed line footprint. The 50 Business Days Service Delivery Guarantee is also unavailable at some Premises within the nbn fixed line footprint as identified by nbn. For Premises where the 50 Business Days Service Delivery Guarantee is available, nbn will provide a Committed Delivery Date that is 50 Business Days or less from the date of Order Acceptance. 

#### Regardless of the retail service you purchase, the close to 1Gbps wholesale speed tier on the business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet product will deliver wholesale speeds of no more than 952 Mbps due to equipment and network limitations. 

##### This is referring to nbn network availability which may be impacted by factors outside of the nbn® network. Not all your faults with a retail service will relate to a fault with the nbn® network. Faults may relate to matters in a provider’s network, the end customer’s premises equipment or network resources being accessed.  

###### nbn is a wholesaler and does not control costs charged by service providers. Customers should contact their preferred service provider to ask about availability and any fees and charges from their provider that may be applicable. These pricing offers are not available for most premises in the nbn® Fixed Wireless or Satellite footprints or for most premises which have complex connections – further costs are likely to apply to these premises. 

####### nbn will have rights to cancel the service as will be updated in the Wholesale Broadband Agreement (WBA) between nbn and RSPs if nbn is unable to reach a contractual agreement with the data centre or unable to renew the contract to support delivery of the business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet service to the applicable data centre. Use of business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet (EE) as backhaul supply to multiple services is not permitted as per the WBA. RSPs will be responsible for provisioning a cross-connection from the UNI on the B-NTD to the data centre ODF and/or any customer equipment (as applicable).   

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