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Time to connect across Western Victoria

24 January 2019

Local residents urged to pick a speed tier that suits their needs when signing up to the nbn™ broadband access network

Around 93,000 homes and businesses from Mildura, Swan Hill and Horsham down to Portland and Warrnambool can now enjoy the benefits of fast broadband by connecting to a plan over the nbn™ access network through their preferred phone and internet provider.

NBN Co is urging local residents that are ready to connect to check their internet usage habits and the number of devices connected during peak usage times, between 7pm and 11pm.

People should then speak with an internet provider about the right speed plan for their household’s needs as well as what actual speeds are available during the busy evening period, before placing an order to connect.

Across Western Victoria the nbn™ access network is almost 77 per cent built, and is on track for completion in 2020.

Head of nbn Local VIC/TAS, Ebony Aitken, said:

“With services over the nbn™ access network now available to many across Western Victoria, some local residents and businesses have access to fast broadband for the first time.

“This is a great result for these communities but we understand that moving across to the new network can be confusing for some.

“To help with this we have a range of education materials available on our website and importantly, community drop in sessions occurring across the region.

“We will be in Cohuna, Charlton, Kerang, Edenhope, Halls Gap and Terang early next month to answer any questions people may have.”

Mallee Rising Founder and CEO, Paul Dillion said:

“News that services over the nbn™ access network are now available in parts of North West Victoria is welcomed within the region. For some of our local community, the ability to connect their home or business is the first time they will have access to fast broadband. This has the potential to significantly change the way they live, work and connect into the global digital economy.”

NBN Co encourages Australians to:

  • Check – their internet usage habits and the number of devices connected during peak usage times between 7pm and 11pm.
  • Select – the right speed plan for their household’s needs with an internet provider.
  • Connect – the right Wi-Fi router/modem in the right place and contact their provider to get help with any further in-home set up.

There are more than 150 phone and internet providers that sell retail plans over the nbn™ access network. Visit NBN Co’s website to find out which providers are available in your area, and to find out more about making the switch.

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