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Response to Request for Capability

15 January 2010

NBN Co Limited, the company established to deliver the National Broadband Network, said it has received many high quality responses to its Request for Capability Statements for the supply of fibre-to-the-premises-related equipment and services.

The company is currently working through the Statements as part of its detailed evaluation process. NBN Co expects to finalise a short-list of suppliers by the end of the month.Following this process, NBN Co will invite selected suppliers to participate in one or more formal Request for Proposal processes during the first quarter of this year.

This Request for Capability Statement process is designed to identify preferred suppliers capable of supplying suitable network equipment, supporting network construction and maintenance and also contributing to network testing and development over many years.

This Request for Capability Statement is the first of a series addressing different elements of NBN Co's requirements for network development, design, supply, construction, testing, commissioning,operations and maintenance.

NBN Co will progressively issue further Request for Capability Statement and Request for Proposal documents covering other goods and services.


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