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Release of NBN Co's Draft B2B specifications

28 January 2011

NBN Co has released draft B2B industry integration specifications, developed in alignment with the Communications Alliance B2B Interactions Process Requirements Specification.

The NBN B2B Technical Specification details concepts, technical specifications and architecture of the B2B gateway.

These specifications provide information on the operational and technical impacts and considerations for implementing a fully automated trading interface that supports Fulfilment, Assurance, and Billing. Provision of these draft documents should enable Access Seekers to commence impact assessments and high level design activities that will ultimately lead towards smooth and automated interactions with NBN Co.

An Information Paper provides further details of these specifications and planned future detailed interface documentation.

NBN Co sought industry review and comment on these specifications by 25th February 2011. The specifications were then finalised as a first release. In the interests of transparency, NBN Co plans to publish all submissions on its website. Alternatively, if submitters had confidential information they wished to provide, NBN Co had asked that both public and a commercial-in-confidence versions of the feedback form be submitted. Only the public version will be published.

These documents are provided for information purposes only. The recipient must not use, modify, adapt or reuse these documents other than with the consent of NBN Co and must make their own inquiries as to the currency, accuracy and completeness of the information contained herein.

The contents of the documents are intended for public consultation, represent NBN Co's preliminary position and should not be relied upon by any person as representing NBN Co's final position on the subject matter. The views expressed by NBN Co in these documents may change as a consequence of NBN Co finalising formal technical specifications. NBN Co's position on the subject matter of these documents may also be impacted by legislative and regulatory developments in respect of the National Broadband Network.


B2B interface specification information paper

Download (PDF - 732 KB)

NBN B2B technical specification

Download (PDF - 972 KB)

B2B interaction process specification

Download (PDF - 3 MB)

NBN product definition specification

Download (PDF - 1 MB)