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Preparation a community effort when it comes to disaster season

18 October 2021

nbn is calling on Australians to put safety measures in place this disaster season and follow some simple tips to help maintain communications during emergency and disaster events. 

While it is always important for households to be prepared in the event they lose connectivity, disaster season provides an opportunity to refresh contingency plans and make sure family members are aware of what to do. 


Residents can be prepared by following these tips: 


Stay mobile 

  • Keep a charged mobile phone and portable mobile battery pack ready to use in a power outage, or if your nbn™ connection is disrupted in an emergency event. Consider turning off cellular data on unnecessary apps to save battery. 

Stay updated

  • Local radio is a good source of information during an emergency, so include a battery powered radio in your emergency communications kit. Also follow emergency services, including your state Fire and Rescue and Police Services, as well as utility companies and nbn (@NBN_Australia on Twitter) on social media for updates. 

Back up

  • To make sure you can access important information and essential documents from anywhere, including insurance policies and financial documents, consider creating a digital back up on a USB or in the cloud. 

Alternative power

  • If there is a power outage, equipment connected to nbn™ services will not work. For home needs during these times, you might want to consider investing in an alternative power source, like a generator. Unfortunately though, alternative options like generators will not bring back home internet if the nbn™ network is also experiencing a power loss.   

 also has temporary network infrastructure which may be deployed, where it is safe, into communities following emergency events to provide temporary internet services at community hubs and relief centres. 

This season’s recovery efforts will be boosted by the addition of 58 new pieces of temporary infrastructure, including Multi Technology Trailers (MTT), Network on Wheels, Wireless Mast Trailers and and Hybrid Power Cubes, which will be stationed in different locations across the country for potential deployment when needed. 

The $6 million-worth of new infrastructure, which was partially funded by the Australian Government’s Strengthening Telecommunications Against Natural Disasters (STAND) package, joins nbn’s fleet of Sky Muster™ Trucks and portable satellite kits which also help provide communities with connectivity in the aftermath of emergencies.  

nbn also continues to roll out the nbn™ Disaster Satellite Service, with up to 2000 satellites to be deployed as part of the federally funded STAND Package (Strengthening Telecommunication against Natural Disasters). The nbn™ Disaster Satellite Service units are being installed at designated emergency management sites and evacuation centres across the country. 

The services provide a back-up communications connection using satellite technology and can be switched on during an emergency event, providing free full satellite broadband functionality, including Wi-Fi and video streaming. 

NBN Co Chief Development Officer, Regional and Remote Gavin Williams said:

“I can’t stress how important it is for all households in Australia to be prepared this disaster season and follow our tips to help them maintain communication during emergency events. 

“As always, we hope people won’t need to rely on these tips, but the more work we do now, the more prepared we will be in the unfortunate event something happens. 

“In any situation our priority is keeping people safe and supporting the local community. Our teams will work with emergency services when preparing for a disaster and will be ready to repair and restore the network as soon as it is safe to do so. 

“The new power cubes and portable satellite kits will enhance our capabilities when it comes to reconnecting communities during these events. 

“Emergency preparedness is truly a community effort; we are prepared with our contingency measures and if households are prepared with those tips, we can work together to manage the impacts of emergency events and help stay connected.” 

The allocation for each state is listed below: 

State Portable Infrastructure 
South Australia 1x NOW Trailer, 2x Multi Tech Trailers, 5X Hybrid Power Cubes
Queensland 1x NOW Trailer, 2x Multi Tech Trailers, 8 x Hybrid Power Cubes 
New South Wales  2x Multi Tech Trailers, 10x Hybrid Power Cubes 
Victoria 2x Multi Tech Trailers, 1x WMT, 10 X Hybrid Power Cubes 
Western Australia  2x Multi Tech Trailers, 1X WMT, 4x Power Hybrid Cubes 
Tasmania  1x NOW Trailer, 1x Multi Tech Trailers, 3x Power Hybrid Cubes   
Northern Territory  1x NOW Trailer, 1x Multi Tech Trailers 

Notes to editor:

Description of Portable Assets

Multi Tech Trailers: A technology-diverse trailer that is self-powered via hybrid battery and generator with optional solar. It has a base capability to support Fibre to the Node, with the option to bolt on Fixed Wireless and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) capability 

Wireless Mast Trailer: A transportable pneumatic mast trailer primarily used to support the Fixed Wireless Network. It can be used to replicate a small 18m high tower. This allows quick and temporary installation of antennas and microwave radios in an emergency event. It can also be used to boost wireless access point signals if deployed in conjunction with other capabilities such as a satellite flyaway kit. 

Hybrid Power Cubes: Hybrid technology power generation units that combine solar, battery and compact diesel generator technologies to primarily enable nbn™ Fixed Wireless facilities to operate for long periods of time without a power grid connection.  These can also be used to support TNI deployments and other nbn™ technologies. 

Network on Wheels Trailers: Versatile, towable enclosed trailer that contains rack space, cooling, power systems, fibre distribution and devices for a small exchange. It can be used to support Fixed Wireless and Fibre to the Premise, Node and/or Curb networks.

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