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Pet fret: Aussies turn to tech to track their pets

07 May 2016

Latest innovations giving Aussie pet owners peace of mind

Aussie animal lovers are taking advantage of new wearable tech devices, online pet monitoring services, and fast connectivity via the nbnTM network to tackle our growing ‘pet-fret’ anxiety.

Recent research shows we are a nation obsessed with our furry friends as 63 per cent of Australian households now own a pet and 90 per cent of them consider their pets a part of the family*.

Spending an estimated $8 billion each year*, we are also investing in the wellbeing of our pets more than ever before. The significant growth in pet-tech has seen the rise of new innovations that are allowing Aussies to track, monitor, and even video call their pets in real-time.

Laura Vissaritis, Animal Behaviourist, says separation anxiety has become a common condition for many pet owners:

“We consider our pets honourary members of the family so it’s only natural to worry and feel a sense of separation anxiety when we leave them at home.

“The reality is, most of us can’t be with our animals 24-hours-a-day, but access to fast broadband via the nbn™ network is transforming the way Australians are able to connect and care for their pets at home. Whether on holiday or at the office, we can now book a pet-sitter and use Skype to check-in on their wellbeing, or install pet cams to watch and play with our pets while on the go.”**

Latest broadband-enabled technologies giving Aussie pet owners peace of mind:

  • Pet sitters – online pet minding services are helping Aussies to find the perfect person to care for their pet when away from home. Once boarding the owner can video call in for a virtual visit with services such as PetCloud and Pawshake;
  • GPS enabled trackers – innovative tracking technologies are now available as animal collars, allowing Aussies to trace pets’ footsteps from afar. Leaders in this space include Trakapet, Petrek, Whistle and Retrieva;
  • Fitness devices – health monitoring gadgets such as FitBark and smart collar Voyce, are pioneering the pet fitness device movement, allowing Aussies to easily keep track of a pet’s health;
  • Home monitoring systems – broadband-enabled pet cameras allow anxious Aussie pet-owners to tactically position cameras such as PetCube and Petziconnect in the home and watch or interact remotely from a smartphone.

There are more than two million homes and businesses around the country which can already connect to the nbn™ network, with the rollout designed to ensure that every Australian has access to fast broadband by 2020.

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  • *  Pet ownership in Australia, Animal Health Alliance Summary 2013

About nbn:

  • nbn is building a new, fast wholesale broadband network to enable communities across Australia to access fast broadband. Our goal is to connect eight million homes and businesses by 2020.
  • Fast broadband like that delivered via the nbn™ network can provide a range of benefits for Australians such as opportunities to work from home, access to online education tools and options for on-demand entertainment.
  • End-user experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the nbn™ network, depends on the technology over which services are delivered to your premises and some factors outside our control like equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how the end-user’s service provider designs its network. Access to your work network will depend on factors outside our control like your organisation’s IT policy and infrastructure.
  • Laura Vissaritis is part of  nbn’s Connected Opportunities campaign.