Parts of Kiama have one month to switch to the NBN

Remaining homes and businesses urged to switch to the NBN ahead of copper disconnection

Home and business owners in parts of Kiama have around one month to switch their home and internet services over to the National Broadband Network (NBN) before the existing copper network is disconnected.*

For the first time in Australia, the NBN will replace most existing home and business phones, ADSL internet and Telstra cable internet services in parts of Kiama, which will be officially switched off commencing from 23 May 2014 (locations outlined in map below).

NBN Co today urged the remaining eligible home and business owners in the area to put an order in with their preferred telephone company or internet service provider as soon as possible.

Darren Rudd, NBN Co spokesperson said:

“The move to the NBN is not automatic and may take some planning and coordination. Home and business owners in the affected parts of Kiama need to move their landline phone, ADSL internet and Telstra cable internet services over to the NBN – if they wish to continue using them. Alternatively some may choose to make do with mobile or other wireless solutions.

“We particularly want all business owners with EFTPOS machines and fax or security alarm systems which operate using a landline connection to contact their banks and preferred phone or internet company to discuss what steps are required to migrate these services over to the NBN.”**

Kiama business owner Maree Shepherd of consultancy Shepherd and Shepherd says since making the switch to her iiNet NBN service, she has been able to run her business more efficiently, and in a way which suits her lifestyle.

“The NBN has made an enormous difference to our way of life as well as the way we run our business. It has enabled me to escape the hustle and bustle of city life by providing us with a new sea-change in beautiful Kiama. One of the benefits of the NBN is that by using programs such as Skype and a landline phone that operates over a fibre connection, I am paying less for my phone calls than before I switched to the NBN.

“As more of our supplier network connect to the NBN and get a similar speed, Shepherd and Shepherd will be able to operate more of our day-to-day business operations from home, using tele-conferencing instead of travelling to remote locations around Australia.”***

The move to the NBN is not automatic – businesses will need to take the following steps:
1 – Contact:
a. If you have an EFTPOS terminal, fax or alarm system, call the provider of that service (for example your bank) to ask what internet or phone services over the NBN will support the device.
b. If your building has an emergency lift phone and/ or a fire indicator panel you need to register your details with NBN Co so these services can be identified by calling 1800 687 626.****
c. Contact your preferred phone company or internet service provider and discuss your requirements.
2 – Choose: a plan that suits your business needs.
3 – Order: your service over the NBN as soon as possible to allow enough time to install and connect the NBN equipment.

NBN Co is currently undertaking a comprehensive communication campaign with residents in areas of Kiama set to make the switch to the NBN from 23 May 2014. This includes local advertising, community information sessions and direct mail and door-to-door service calls to those affected within the disconnection area.

More information about the steps residents and businesses need to take to switch to the NBN as well as a list of service providers can be found at:

The first of several areas in New South Wales including Kiama and Armidale will be switched off from the existing copper network from 23 May 2014, with further areas to follow later in the year.

You can check if you are eligible to connect to the NBN by putting