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NBN vital to satisfy forecast explosion in Australian internet traffic

09 August 2011

A new report forecasting an almost six-fold increase in internet traffic in Australia by 2015 highlights the need for the National Broadband Network, NBN Co said today.

The fifth annual Cisco® Visual Networking Index Forecast (2010-2015) predicts IP traffic will reach 22 gigabytes per capita in Australia in 2015, up from 4 gigabytes in 20101.

The report also forecasts that over the same period the number of internet users nationally will increase by 43% (from 14m in 2010 to 20m by 2015), and that video downloads and streaming will account 81% of all consumer Internet traffic.

NBN Co Head of Product Development and Sales, Jim Hassell, said:

“Demand for internet bandwidth in Australia is soaring as are the number of people using the internet. If we're to be able to support this growth and become a leading digital economy then upgrading our telecommunications infrastructure must be a priority.

“A National Broadband Network that will reach every Australian home and business, with the majority connected to superfast2 fibre optic cable, will provide the vital communications infrastructure to sustain our country for decades to come.”


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1 Cisco® Visual Networking Index Forecast (2010-2015):

2 *Speeds experienced by consumers on the National Broadband Network will depend on factors including the retail broadband plan they choose, their equipment and in-premises connection


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