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nbn Tropical Cyclone Debbie response and recovery

30 March 2017

Now that it has been declared safe to enter affected zones, nbn has deployed a field team who are positioning generators at priority sites and conducting onsite field inspections for network damage.

The field team consists of nbn employees, nbn delivery partners and nbn activations technicians. We ask for patience as nbn activation technicians are diverted from their normal duties to assist with the recovery.

Where the nbn™ network is affected, nbn will prioritise reconnecting essential services, such as hospitals, fire, police and emergency services. Community infrastructure will also be included with traffic management, sewerage, power and water utilities a high priority. We will also work to prioritise the reconnection of business services essential to community recovery, such as banks, petrol stations and supermarkets.

Ergon reports that as at midday today, 57,000 premises remained without power. nbn reminds residents and businesses in North Queensland that equipment connected over the nbn™ network will not work during a power blackout.

nbn is continuing to closely monitor ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie and the possible effects of flooding across the State, and is ready to act should we be required to.

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