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nbn trial to deliver faster speeds and unmetered data for Sky Muster Plus customers

22 February 2023

nbn today announced the trial of a new Sky Muster® Plus plan that it hopes will allow it to provide faster speeds and even more unmetered data to satellite customers from late 2023.

The trial, which plans to run from now until May 2023, is intended to deliver 100% unmetered data usage and faster burst speeds of up to 100Mbps for up to 10,000 Sky Muster Plus customers located across Australia. The trial will be subject to fair use restrictions, and features of any final product are subject to change*.

It is the latest step in the evolution of the nbn satellite network, as nbn continues to push the boundaries of its satellite services in response to the growing needs of regional and remote users. 

If successful, the trial will provide important valuable insights and feedback to help inform final improvements which, subject to industry consultation and the product development process, may see the plan launch later in 2023. 

Gavin Williams, nbn Chief Development Officer for Regional and Remote, said: 

We know that customers across the nbn network are demanding more speed and more data, and as the customer need grows, so does our response.

“We are committed to bringing broadband solutions and digital connectivity to more homes and businesses in the satellite footprint to support innovation, productivity and growth in regional and remote areas of Australia.

“This trial represents the latest evolution of our Sky Muster Plus satellite service, as we keep pace with customer expectation and advancements in technology to deliver more capacity, enhanced network performance and enhanced data allowances. 

“As nbn upgrades the fixed wireless network, it enables us to offer customers on the satellite network the ability to migrate to the fixed wireless network. This will free up capacity for satellite customers – allowing for the trial.

“The nbn Sky Muster satellite service is a vital part of the nbn network and connects even remote parts of our country.  

“The nbn Sky Muster satellite service is Australian-owned and secure. Our satellite equipment is professionally installed, and we do not charge internet service providers for a standard installation or the standard satellite equipment. nbn also delivers customer support through on-ground Australian technical support teams.”

nbn is delivering network upgrades across Australia, including regional Australia. The Sky Muster Plus trial is the latest announcement.

Since the launch of the nbn Sky Muster Plus satellite service in 2019, we have continued to evolve it. In July last year we introduced significant data enhancements, including access Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and video streaming for 16 hours a day - between 12am (midnight) and 4pm* – without it counting toward their monthly data allowance.

Earlier this month nbn announced an additional million households and businesses will get the opportunity to choose faster and more reliable broadband as the rollout of full fibre to the premises continues across the country, with up to 58 per cent of these located in regional areas.

Retail Service Providers participating in the trial will reach out to eligible customers to invite them into the trial.

To find out more about the progress of network upgrade programs, download the FY23 Half-Year Report.

*The Fair Use Policy will continue to apply and nbn may, at its discretion, shape certain types of traffic (I particular gaming/software updates and cloud uploads in the evening) to slow speeds, if required, to protect the network. For details on fair use conditions, contact your internet service provider. 

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